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Reminiscing the times and life of Jay Sean 10 years on

Reminiscing the times and life of Jay Sean 10 years on

Jay Sean, the global superstar made it big in the UK, got taken to America and made it even bigger down there. The success he has had over the years in the music industry, was appreciated and celebrated at the event. Jay Sean was rewarded the 'Artist of the Decade Award'. 

Welcome to the UK, when was the last time you were here? ‘The last time I came to the UK was in June for a holiday but today my parents, relatives, best friends who are somewhere there at the back to the bar. In fact these best friends have been there from the start when I was 13 years old and now I’m 24. Is it nice to see them guys when you come back? It’s the best. In fact I go straight back to my parents house, why not, dadi always has chicken ready for me, mum makes me my tea, me and dad catch up, my brother comes over and then me and our mates go out and get pissed.

You don’t stay in a five star hotel?  Why man, Indians wont go and stay in a hotel and plus I would get slapped by my parents and family if I went and lived in a hotel when I still got my bedroom upstairs. Bedroom still the way you left it? Still messy. We still got the bedroom there; it’s the best thing man. The hardest part of doing what I do especially now that I live in America, I’m very very close to my family and friends. Like I love them to death, so being away from them was really hard. How hard is it since you are an international star but yet mum and dad still affect you? It’s the world to me, like I said, all of this (celebrity lifestyle) is lovely, it is great, but it can go tomorrow. These lot (parents), no matter how much, even if I wanted to, they would never leave me. They are family and always there.

15 AMAs you currently have. 2002 you started out, what made Jay Sean the bloke who thought he could rap, thought he can sing, and thought he can perform, what made him go in to the studio?  
You know what, it was always a hobby for me, it was my passion, Bollywood and Bhangra got my heart set in to it and then obsessed with RnB and Soul. Unfortunately my parents got me into private school and sacrificed a lot of things, didn’t get to go to a lot of holidays because they rather see me us study hard which I appreciate it. I was straight A student, I didn’t want to give it up but didn’t want to give up music either. Is that because you are a hard working person or was it because parents said you must study? No it was never that, the funny thing is we all know the Indian stereotyping. My parents are unique, dad was really gifted in cricket, loves it. He could have played for county, but had he wanted to become a professional cricketer, my granddad at the time would like I don’t think so mate, I’m packing sausages in a factory and you think you will be a cricketer? So when I came with my dream, my parents didn’t want to take that away from me, they wanted me to live it. Dad always told me 2 things; there are two decisions in life you need to make for yourself, life long partner and career, as you will live with them forever. It has to be my decision. I’m living my dream thanks to their support; they knew I am not a fool, not going to go in to this blindly, whatever I do I’ll make it work. When they did start realising you are on to something, that you actually have the talent? I used to rap when I was 12, mum was like can’t you do something that I can understand? So when I started singing, I think they realised hmm you can sing. My grandfather my baba is actually the singer in the family, he was the one who used to sing. That’s probably where I get my voice.

Tell us, we know you write your own songs, why are you writing for other people as you are a singer yourself? Song writing part of what I do is my favourite.  You’d think I’d enjoy being on stage, singing too but I actually feel it’s a gift that I am able to write a song that one day the whole world will end up knowing the words to. I don’t take song writing lightly and its something I really enjoy. I want to write songs for other people too knowing that I can have success. It’s nice to hear it come alive. From an Asian business sense is it good? I still make money out of it. When I write songs for other people, every time they perform it, sing it, its on radio, then that cheque will come to me because I wrote that song.

Does it surprise you with the attention you get around the world? I never in my life I thought I’d be going around the world. Places like Fiji, people know who I am, South Africa blew me away. The mayor of South Africa came to greet me at the airport, got dancers with drums welcoming me and I look like crap coming off a 20-hour plane journey. No clue that media all over and live feeds blew me away, police escorts, 8 police cars, I’m jus thinking nobody told me my music sold here. Do you know what you have done for other people who can follow Jay Sean footsteps? You’re that guy that other people want to be? I am fully aware of what I am doing, responsibilities that are on me now representing our genre, race, people out there in mainstream. That’s the part I enjoy the most, knowing that I been fortunate to be chosen to represent all of us. It keeps me inspired and motivated to get the next level of greatness.

Are you representing your culture and roots? I am reminded about my culture all the time. I wear my Kara all the time because for me every time I’m on TV or whatever, I don’t need to scream and shout I’m Punjabi, I’m Indian etc. It’s enough with the Kara that people know that. Similarly I don’t put Indian stuff in my album because I felt it doesn’t need to be there in your face sometime. Let it be a movement without having to scream about it. Do you feel you have opened to doors for other Asian artists? I hope so as I’ve gone through it all and worked towards and through the barriers and deal with being the Asian in it. I figured out a way to overcome being placed to the side because of my skin colour and luckily it’s been a great journey for me that I’ve enjoyed all the obstacles. Hopefully made it easier for upcoming artists who don’t have to face the same things that I had to.

                          Reminiscing the times and life of Jay Sean 10 years on


What makes Jay Sean so different from other artists? Man I have no idea, I got the opportunity and I took it. I jus have a very strong drive for success and greatness. I want to get to the Grammys, I’ve been to the show but never performed, that for me is a goal that I set for myself.

What is next, are you branching out? I am indeed, got my own production company now, and signed some songwriters, artists that I am developing.  

Prior to your success, I know you did one track for a Bollywood film in 2005 for Kya Kool Hain Hum. Is Bollywood a road you would take again musically? I would do something for another film; I had a meeting with A.R.Rahman in LA so I would definitely thing of making some more moves in Bollywood.

You’ve had elements of Hindi vocals in the tracks Ride It, Maybe and Stuck In The Middle. Are we going to hear more of that in the future with Hindi or Punjabi in your albums? For me its whether it fits or called for, I don’t just have it for the sake of it. I could have a beautiful sound from guitar and piano, but there is no need to go and stick a tumbi in it. There are actually some beats on my new album, which has the bit of Ride It and Stay, that kind of feel to it.

What is the best advice Jay Sean ever given to someone? I don’t know if I can give anyone advice, I’m still learning and trying to get my way out of this crazy world, I believed in always making it big with all the chances you can get.

When you go to family functions and weddings, is Jay Sean the type of person to go on the dance floor and do Bhangra? Yeah! Of course, always man. it’s jokes.


You’ve done what you always wanted to do musically, is there anything else you want to achieve? Away from music, some film work. I’ve set up my own production company so hope it’s going to kick off well for me.


Jay Sean is nomiated for 2 awards for this years UKAMA's 2012.


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