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Rajeev B ft Jelly Manjitpuri 'Daroo'

Rajeev B ft Jelly Manjitpuri ‘Daroo’

Rajeev Bhardwaj, known as Rajeev B on the DJ circuit, began his musical journey in his childhood years growing up in West London. As a youngster, he practised the art of playing Dholki and would often get into trouble at school and home for tapping away on tables creating beats, mixing one classic song with another.

Growing up with older siblings, I was exposed to an older generation of music than my own – old school grooves, dub, Soul, Bhangra Classics, you name it! I used to love hearing old & new music from different genres and mashing them up with the biggest Bhangra songs of that time”.

The buzz of entertaining others propelled Rajeev and motivated him to continue his passion, by working with music roadshows on large scale events, weddings and club nights. In 2009, Rajeev expanded his horizons with the introduction of the new Roadshow Kudos Music and is now regarded as one of the leading DJ’s with this elite entertainment company.

The creation of Kudos Studios, later to be merged with E3UK Records, gave Rajeev a direct route into music production. Utilizing his knowledge of what makes a dance floor hit track, Rajeev began producing remixes with his most notable remix hit being 'Chiri Shika'. The track received great interest with many DJ’s around the country regularly playing it within their DJ sets.

Now ready for his biggest challenge, Rajeev’s first original studio album 'The Takeover' is set for release on E3UK Records later in 2011. The release features the likes of Nirmal Sidhu, Nav Sidhu, Surinder Saini, Late Kaka Bhaniawala and many more. With production that will appeal to the young or old, urban or Asian, Rajeev B hopes to continue his journey and leave his mark in the UK music industry. 'Daroo' is out NOW via iTunes and other digital stores.