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Raghav is a young member of the new multiculurally rich world. The 23 year old first generation Canadian was brought up in a trilingual community and speaks English, French and Hindi fluently (if with the subtlest hint of Canadian).
Raghav studied Indian classical music with Guru Nishi Kant Bali from the age of 5 before moving in a more pop R&B direction and winning a National Songwriters Association of America award at 16. He then left home to study with vocal coach Seth Riggs (vocal coach to Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson), going on to win a scholarship to study music in the UK. Raghav hooked up with Sly & Robbie and Mushtaq shortly after arriving in the UK and for the last two years has been fine honing his myriad musical influences (R&B, Asian, a little Bollywood and a little rap with both English and Hindi lyrics) into his own unique sound.
 This year, writing and recording with inspirational DJ producer, 2Play, Raghav has found himself in the top ten twice in the last few months, as well as signing an album deal with A&R Records and achieving his own debut top ten hit with ‘Can’t Get Enough’.
All with a minimum of mainstream fanfaring and a maximum of underground buzz.Raghav is now in serious danger of going overground…. from receiving a euphoric audience reaction as one of the first artists ever to perform on the newly created ‘Br-Asian Experience’ at Glastonbury, to headlining the UK-wide, Arena-filling Mela’s this summer, Raghav looks set to become one of the first truly crosscultural Asian music stars.