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Rabb Da Radio – In Cinemas Now!

Rabb da radio is a commercial film which urges people to stop, think and do some soul searching. The movie is set in Punjab in the 1980s, 2 brothers living in a huge house with a wall separating them due to family disputes. The families do not speak to one another at all. Along comes the character of Naseeb Kaur (Mandy takhar) who gets married into the family. She has been order by her mother in law not to show her face to the Chacha, Chachi and their daughters, but Naseeb fails to avoid them and ends up becoming friends with her sister-in-laws.

Tarsem Jassar the male lead of the film is in love with one of the sister-in-laws Guddi (Simi Chahal), he also happens to be distantly related to Naseeb’s Aunty so they ask Naseeb to fix their marriage. Naseeb refuses as by being friends with her sister in laws is going against her month in laws wishes. Tarsem manages to fix his wedding with Guddi by himself but Naseeb’s mother in law is informed that it was Naseeb who fixed it.