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Punjab2000 Restaurant Review by Amrit – The Tapasya ‘Fine Dining Experience’ in Hull

Punjab2000’s Amrit reviewed one of Hull’s leading restaurants specialising in fine Indian Cuisine.

Tapasya Restaurant & Bar review by Amrit Punjab2000

Situated in the Beverley area of Hull, the restaurant is complete with outdoor wooden furnishings and lush green trimmed hedges.

Having been opened a full year on 29 August 2014, Tapasya celebrates being nominated as the Best Restaurant of The Year by Remarkable East Yorkshire Award. Proud to be in the heart of Yorkshire, Tapasya have also participated in food festivals local to the city such as the Yum Festival and hosted the Devil’s Kitchen Challenge, showcasing their exquisite Indian menu.

Punjab2000's Amrit with Tapasya managing director Mukesh Tirkoti

Punjab2000’s Amrit with Tapasya managing director Mukesh Tirkoti

A delectable menu has been compiled by head chef K K Anand formerly known for his TV appearances in the Indian Masterchef and his head role of Asian cuisine at the Olympic Village, London.

Interestingly the restaurant’s title Tapasya is not to be confused with the Spanish connection to tapas. On first hearing the name, many guests assume they will be dining in a feast of Spanish cuisine or tasting fine Indian delicacies in the style of tapas dining. In fact Tapasya actually comes from the ancient Sanskrit language – Tapas meaning heat, however also dependent on context can mean to meditate.

Tapasya Bar

Amrit met with Mukesh Tirkoti, managing director of Tapasya who walked her through the haute bar area lit with an inviting warm ambiance to the sound of the running water wall feature. A fine selection of spirits from high end whiskeys to vodka spirits are on display creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The restaurant’s decor compliments the modern yet welcoming vibe. White table cloths dress the scene against the plush cream upholstery and mahogany coloured furnishings.

Table setting at Tapasya Restaurant, Hull


Spice Room table setting at Tapasya, Hull

Amrit was taken to dine in the Spice Room used for entertaining VIP guests and available for large parties to book. The room has a fully functioning projector screen, perfect for business presentations as well as its own sound system so you can enjoy a private dinner party to your own personal playlist. This room comes equipped with a grand view of the Tapasya wine cabinet, where Tapasya’s very own brand of wine and beer stand.

Amrit of Punjab2000 at Tapasya Restaurant, Hull

Tapasya currently offer two house wines, one in red and white ot go with their extensive wine selection. The robust red offers a deep rich full bodied flavour  whilst the crisp white is a cool taste to the palate with a refreshing flavour. Prices of the wines range from affordable to the ideal for that special occasion.

Tapasya brand wines

Two beers are also available under the Tapasya range in Pale Ale at 4.5% and Cardamon and Coriander flavour at 4.9% volume. The aroma of the cardomon and coriander infused beer, touches the palate after a mouthful of subtle Indian spices, compliments the gentle flavours of each spice in the food. Tirkoti commented that the beers are a popular hit with the locals as well as the wine, selling around 80-90 bottles per week.

Tapasya brand beer


Amrit tasted a selection of entrrées  that were served, starting with black crunchy tiger prawns roasted in the tandoor, served with a mango and yoghurt sauce.

Black crunchy tiger prawns


Following this was a street food tiki (pattie) made from fresh spinach, paneer (Indian cottage cheese), potato and crushed chickpeas served with a tomato and onion sauce.

Street food tiki

The final dish of the array was a unique take on the authentic seekh kebab. Traditionally a blend of spiced lamb, though Tapasya have chosen a delicately flavoured chicken version of the seekh kebab. Leaving a main course of an exquisite chicken curry accompanied with basmati rice and rustic naan bread to finish.

Chicken seekh kebab

Overall Amrit said “the Tapasya experience delivered an afternoon of pleasurable, fine dining. The staff and service was of impeccable standard, my wine was kept topped up and my napkin was always laid out for me. The food is not your average Indian balti by any means. A true taste and feel of Indian excellence is what Tapasya replicates.”

Chef's table at Tapasya Restaurant, Hull

Tapasya radiates the perfect ambiance for a wondrous dining experience and sophisticated environment to celebrate that special occasion. Open seven days a week and offering a range of appetising dishes visit

*Photo credits – Amrit Matharu