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Punjabi film ‘Proper Patola’ by Neeru Bajwa releases on 28th Nov 14

Neeru Bajwa is all set for the double doze in ‘Proper Patola’ 
The actress would be seen playing the lead characters of Jeet and Preet in upcoming Punjabi film ‘Proper Patola’ which releases on 28th Nov
Chandigarh, 19th Nov. This lady became the new face of the revival of Punjabi cinema almost more than a decade ago. Now she stays in the hearts of all the Punjabi films’ fans and lovers. Next is ‘Proper Patola’ where she is playing a double role which is first ever for an actress in this industry. Meet Neeru Bajwa, one of the senior actors in the present league. You will see her as Jeet and Preet opposite Yuvraj Hans and Harish Verma in this film.
Excited about her double innings in the film Neeru says it wasn’t really easy playing the two characters. Switching from Jeet to Preet was a tough task as one is residing abroad and the other is in a Punjabi mood. Watching an actor in a double role is a delight for the audience but it is really a challenge to perform. My director Harish Vyas clearly told me that only the face is same but the characteristics are not. Concentrate and act accordingly. Neeru is thankful to co-actors Yuvraj and Harish as they were continuously helping her on sets to maintain the mood of a particular character out of the two. Neeru says, “Acting is like a give and take relationship. You always depend on your co-actor for an effective layout of what has to be shown.”

Neeru has played a number of characters in her career so far. From an NRI to a desi Punjabi girl, from a con to a police official, but the actress feels that every film comes with a new challenge no matter what. Neeru said that being an actor you start observing people around you and your research is always on. Whenever I talk to my family or friends, I keep asking them about different people they meet in their daily life. I personally feel that the best way of learning to act is to observe people around you.

The film is a woman-centric one and Neeru Bajwa appreciates the makers for the same. She thanked producer Deepak Lalwani for having faith in such a theme and team. She said, “Cinema is really changing on regional level too. Though we always call cinema a male-oriented industry but the makers are now really concerned about the social responsibility and giving their best through films. I thank the makers of this film for having faith in me and look forward to doing such films again and again which somewhere give a social message in a light-hearted manner.”

Punjabi film ‘Proper Patola’ by Neeru Bajwa releases on 28th Nov 14