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Priti Menon New Solo Single ‘Yaadan Teriyan’

One Touch Productions​ presents “Yaadan Teriyan​”, the brand new solo single feat. Priti Menon which is all set for worldwide release on 11th October 2018. This song is a moving ballad which highlights the power of love and its complexities. The lyrics evoke sentiments of both longing and memory. Yaadan Teriyan tells a beautiful and authentic story which pulls on your heartstrings, enriches swiftly followed by a wonderful opportunity to playback for a Tamil/English crossover film ‘Rajini Effect’. Through her hard work and dedication Priti now boasts collaborations with the likes of Arjun, Charles Bosco, Tazzz, Niraj Chag and Bollywood playback singer Benny Dayal. She has had overwhelming support from media outlets such as the BBC Asian Network, Sabras Radio, IndyBrown TV, Eastern Eye Newspaper and numerous others who all believe that she is one to watch in the near future. Priti is a gifted linguist. She sings in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati and now Punjabi. Priti epitomises versatility; a rare gift in the modern music industry. From bhajans to bhangra, the variety of genres she has sung in so far highlights her vocal range and undisputed talent. Priti provides a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, creating a diverse range of soothing ballads and energetic beats. This young, professional team promise many more big collaborations and tracks real soon. So watch this! space​.
Singer Priti Menon Written by Abhi D and Priti Menon Song Composed by Abhi D Produced by OneTouch Pro and Ronnie M Mix and mastered by Mauro and OneTouch Pro at hi Street Studio (London) Special thanks to Nana Nanoush (RIP) WKD FILM Priya Patel Bhavna MUA Designed concept by Farooky and Marvin beedasee. Motion Graphics by Marvin beedasee