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Press Release MOVIEBOX acquires GENIE RECORDS

Originally developed by Mr. Saty Gill & Aman Hayer from 2003 to 2009 the catalogue includes block buster hits from the likes of KULWINDER DHILLON, MANAK E, K.S. MAKHAN & AMAN HAYER with his biggest hits to date, which include massive albums such as “DE JA VU”, “GLASSY”, “REMINISCE”, “GENIE-US”, "2 MUCH GLASSY" & the most recent super hits “GROUNDSHAKER 1 / GROUNDSHAKER 2”. Mr. Saty Gill & Aman Hayer’s hard work & commitment to the catalogue is reflected in the fact that this catalogue is considered to be a major part of UK Asian music history to date.

Moviebox is continuing on its path of growing from strength to strength despite difficult times in the music industry. Our belief in the importance of artist and catalogue development, tied to a commitment to quality which demonstrates our passion for the Bhangra Music industry.

After acquiring Kamlee Records, Kismet Records & most recently Multitone Records we believe the acquisition of Genie Records is another great achievement at this present time where the industry stands.

We now look forward to bringing you quality BHANGRA music from the PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE…

We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Saty Gill & Aman Hayer for their hard work and efforts to bring this acquisition to fruition.

Kind Regards
Kamraan Ahmed

B6 7ST

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