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Pictures From The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week - Sara Lage

Pictures From The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week – Laura Basterra

Pictures From The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week - Laura Basterra 
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Born out of the daily concerns which encompass the creative process, the collection is based on a reflection on the fragmented self which constitutes the human being.



Its multiple facets form part of our essence but they also represent an inevitable source of conflicts. They are contradictory, inevitable and opposing aspects of the self which we unsuccessfully try and control. 
In our interior, a non-conformist spirit, vital concerns, the desire to learn and the anxiety to achieve immediate results confront the obligations stemming from the passing of time.

What effect do they have on our aesthetics? Is there a way of dressing suited to each age?

The answer emerges from an idea, the bird, and from a technique, collage.

The core of the collection will be the bird concept as a symbol of duality: fragile and free at the same time, and filled with ample perspectives thanks to its elevation above the ground.


Like the bird, the woman is split; she feels obliged to be feminine, mature and sure of herself as well as vulnerable and have the desire to take flight. 


This fragmentation of the self is also transferred to the patterns which make up garments of multiple combinations in response to a multiple being that plays with the parts of its self according to the circumstances.