Pictures from Rock In Rio 23-25th September

Pictures from Rock In Rio 23rd September – 2nd October

Rock in Rio is back home. After 10 years, audiences will be able to quench their nostalgia for the event that was exported abroad and generated enormous international visibility for the city and country.

Pictures from Rock In Rio 23-25th September 

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Eletrônica 23rd Sep 2011

Palco Mundo 23rd Sep 2011

Palco Sunset 23rd Sep 2011

Rockstreet 23rd Sep 2011


Eletrônica 24th Sep 2011

Palco Mundo 24th Sep 2011

Palco Sunset 24th Sep 2011

Rockstreet 24th Sep 2011


Eletrônica 25th Sep 2011

Palco Mundo 25th Sep 2011

Palco Sunset 25th Sep 2011

Rockstreet 25th Sep 2011


Eletrônica 29th Sep 2011

Palco Mundo 29th Sep 2011

Palco Sunset 29th Sep 2011

Rockstreet 29th Sep 2011


Eletrônica 30th Sep 2011

Palco Mundo 30th Sep 2011

Palco Sunset 30th Sep 2011

Rockstreet 30th Sep 2011


Eletrônica 1st Oct 2011

Palco Mundo 1st Oct 2011

Palco Sunset 1st Oct 2011

Rockstreet 1st Oct 2011


Eletrônica 2nd Oct 2011

Palco Mundo 2nd Oct 2011

Palco Sunset 2nd Oct 2011

Rockstreet 2nd Oct 2011


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