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To celebrate a career spanning 10 years, PBN releases 'THE HITMAKER, THE STORY SO FAR', a compilation album featuring 20 smash hits from the majestic music artist, including the current BBC Asian Download Chart number 1, 'GO CRAZY'

From humble beginnings the career of PBN has sky rocketed, taking the once shy youngster from Wolverhampton onto international shores,  accumulating over 15 number one hits and countless awards that have led the popular artist to be nicknamed 'The Hitmaker', and rightly so.

The tracklisting for the compilation album, handpicked by fans, includes his first ever hit NAIN PREETO DE, a track that propelled PBN into the arms of the Bhangra world.

International anthems including AASHIQ, AAJ MEH PEENI, KAUN NE JAANDAH and FITTEH MOO also feature on the album which give fans a chance to look back on the career of PBN

PBN "this album was so amazing to put together as each song has a different meaning to me and marks certain milestones in my life, both personally and professionally"

"This album, is for all my fans that have supported me for 10 years, as I genuinely am very grateful been able to do what I love, music , and that is all down to the support from you"

The compilation album is OUT NOW and is available to download via ITunes.
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