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Patiala House Synopsis

The film is about British Asian identity and the cross-generational conflict between a father and son. The cricket element of the film is merely the catalyst of the storyline as its primary message is about family ties and duty, a yearning to follow one’s dreams, and trying to make sense of the dichotomies that life presents when one’s family has migrated to another land. Other strong subject matters in the film include:


·         The experiences of British Asians in the UK across all generations

·         Life for Asians when they migrated to the UK back in the 50s and 60s

·         Conflicting identities for 3rd and 4th generations Asians/Ethic minorities in the UK

·         Following your dreams vs parental obligation


In the film, the lead protagonist (Akshay) runs a corner shop in Southall but his desire is to break into sports/cricket.

His father is a strict traditionalist and his mission is to ensure his family do not lose their Indian culture and identity.

Akshay however wants to play cricket – not for India but for England – and he gets the chance to do this.

Akshay Kumar … Parghat Singh Kahlon (Gattu)
Anushka Sharma … Simran
Rishi Kapoor … Gurtej Singh Kahlon
Dimple Kapadia
Hard Kaur
Nasser Hussain
Graham Gooch
Ian Botham
David Gower
Kamran Akmal
Maya Sarao