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56 districts by Panjabi MC is going shake up the worldwide Bhangra industry The studio album features the legendary late Kuldeep Manak, Warren G, Master Saleem, Ashok Gill, Jaily Manjitpuri and more. The record boasts 15 tracks, and contains previously released singles “Picha Ni Chad De,” “Gora Gora” and “Meri Bhain”.

District 56 - Panjabi MC


01 Meh Peeti (Feat. Jaily Manjitpuri)
02 Duniya (Feat. Kuldeep Manak)
03 Intro
04 Tombi (Feat. Master Saleem)
05 Kere Pind De (Feat. Master Saleem)
06 Jhanjar (Feat. Ashok Gill)
07 Ghaint Patola (Feat. Gupz Sehra)
08 Picha Ni Chad De (Feat. Sahib)​
09 Standard (Feat. Sahib)
10 Gora Gora (Feat. Ashok Gill & Warren G)
11 Panjaban Remix (Feat. Jaily Manjitpuri)
12 Pind Di Kuri (Feat. Jaily Manjitpuri)
13 Meri Bhain (Feat. Sukhi Sivia)
14 Big Bad City
15 Bari Breaks

Rajinder Singh Rai, better known by his stage name Panjabi MC, is a British recording artist, rapper, producer and DJ of Punjabi ethnicity. He is best known for the worldwide bhangra hit, “Mundian To Bach Ke” of 1998, which sold 10 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best- selling singles of all time!!