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We arrived at the club around 10.30pm and on the surface, it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be based on all the hype but then again, it was still early days…. ::)

DJ Ron was playing bhangra tunes to the few people that were in the place, but in all honesty, the majority of the crowd was still building up outside to come in so it was beginning to look good…

Meanwhile, we headed over to the VIP area to meet up with the likes of Tigerstyle, Bikram Singh, and all associated ‘groupies’.. ;D

Whilst catching up with the guys, the Manchester duo known as Jinx took to the decks and dropped a select list of desi flavas including their monster hit ‘Akhiyan Udeek Diyan’ from their debut album ‘Culture Shock’. The crowd, mainly students, were now filling up the main arena and getting down and dirty (in an innocent way of course) ;) to the Bhangra music being played out…wicked !!

From 11.45 owwards, DJ Harvey took over the music policy and continued with the desi selection on rotation. 8-)
By now, the club was busy but comfortable enough to appreciate and enjoy the night. :) :D

At 12.15pm, a two piece outfit called ‘Bonafide’ entered the main stage and performed a strange mix of Hip Hop and R’nB (I think that’s what it was) ??? – finishing off with a rendition of Charles and Eddies ‘Would I lie to you baby ’ – interesting….  :P

Straight up, DJ Harvey continued with the Punjabi licks of Bhangra music.
At 12.30pm, we had Leicester local DJ, PJD Chan drop some exclusive rockin’ material from his forthcoming Album set for release on July 15th to be titled ‘Rumours’………watch this space…. ;)

In the Garage arena, there wasn’t much going on apart from a few bopping heads and people walking with a limp  ;D ;)….most of the peeps at the club from my view were mainly there for the Bhangra…. ::)

Come 1.00am, the UK Garage sensation Wiley took to the stage and smashed it as the crowd was now right up to the barriers as more people were arriving into the club…

By this point, me and Vijay were dying for some ‘Live Bhangra’, …….. around 1.40am, Juggy D came on after his intro and the boy truly got the party started in his trademark fashion of funky chicken dancing and catchy bhangra-fied tracks starting off with ‘Billo’, then ‘Dil De Rani’ and ‘Sohniye;. Halfway, he got his Dholi Dips to jam for a few minutes, whilst he went backstage for a Superman change and re-emerged in a full on desi costume and freestyled Boliyan with Dips on the Dhol as well as a full ‘Punjabi’ version of the latest offering from the 2.9 camp, ‘Push it Up’

Yudhvir Manak was the next live pa act up at 2.15am. The son of the Legend Kuldip Manak illustrated that his old boy should be proud of him because Yudhvirs perfomance was both professional and consistent throughout …….singing tracks including ‘Vekh De Nee Billo Tenu Khar Khar Keh’, ‘Sohney Vang Chamak De Ey’ and ‘Dhak Dhak Dil’.
During his set, Yudhvir even gave the desi bhangra heads some lines from Jitee Road and Tila in true Daddy Kuldip Manak style….

By 2.40am, the vibe was kickin’ in the venue as everybody was waiting for the next act of the night , Lembher Hussainpuri, who came onto the stage wearing a black suit, shiny silver tie, shiny black shoes and Sunshine yellow paag…….. ‘Bling Singh’ all the way …….after a brief ‘Shayeri’ from the man himself, accompanied by a Dholi, he jumped straight into ‘Sachian Suniyan Nee’, followed by other desi floor bangers including ‘Das Ja’, ‘Sun Ja Goriyeh’ and ‘Saadi Galee’….

Finally, but not forgotten, at 3.20am, originating from New York, Bikram Singh alongside Tigerstyle on the decks and his Dholi entered the stage and he seemed quite happy and cheeky with the ladies especially …I told him that he shouldn’t drink so much lemonade …..he dived straight into American Jugni and followed up with his other tunes including the Reggaton version of Kawan, and the militant Gandasa…..in between, he also managed to drop some freestyle boliyan and snippets of other artistes songs…solid performance…

From 3.40am – 4.00am, Tigerstyle finished off the ‘morning’ session with their brand of hip-hop, fusion, reggaton and desi beats alongside a selection of exclusives on the decks…..

As the P2K gig team left the building into the morning sunrise, birds singing, milk floats on their rounds, people looking worn and torn compared to when they first arrived, I thought ‘TOP NIGHT !! WHENS THE NEXT ONE…..BRING IT ONE….YEE-HAH’ !!

(Photos from the night …)