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Omarion @ Finesse 10/04/08 review

The queue of eager fans stretched around the corner, showing their anticipation to get into the club (and get out of the rain). Once inside the club, you could see that everyone was set up for a night of raving well before Omarion was due on the scene.

Club envy was full of bhangra-heads catered to by DJ Bola, while the main arena was bumping to the sound of Jet C’s classic old skool set.

It was 1am, and the ravers were ready to see some Omarion, one of the frontliners of the current US RnB scene. But where was he? His management said that he was on the way from Milton Keynes and should be getting to the clubfor 2am. Okay ladies and gents, just hold tight and stock up at the bar til then!

By 2am, the whole club is facing in the direction of the stage. The bars are deserted. The front row of girls are holding onto barriers with white knuckled grip, not letting up their spot for anyone!

Omarion is still nowhere to be seen, though we’re told that he’s in the building. Doing what? Sneaking a quick Sambuca in at the bar? Serving some moves on the bhangra room dancefloor? Who knows!

Anyway, it soon got to the time to clear out the dressing room for O and his Entourage (sorry but it had to be done!), to set the stage for the performance. The crowds had their phones and cameras at the ready, and the collective scream when Omarion took the stage with his two dancers was enough to shatter every glass behind the bar!

Starting the set with “O”, he threw some serious moves. They don’t call him the king of dance for nothing! Next he got upbeat with “Hey Baby (Jump Off)”, his latest release with Bow Wow, and then into Entourage. All throughout, you could not fault the star’s voice, and no lip-synching at all! The dance moves were all pulled off perfectly too, even though at times you could see they were used to bigger stages. And I flinched a bit when Omarion kicked one of his dancers in the face during “Icebox”, although they did it almost as if it was a part of the routine.

All in all, he did a 45 minute set with a whole load of his biggest tracks and gave it his all, which is so much better than a performer that just mimes the same track for 15 minutes. Okay so, it wasn’t looking too good as he was running so late that he could’ve easily not turned up, but no. The moves, the vocals and the setlist were all on top form and the crowd definitely loved every last minute of it.

From b2k to p2k, over and out!