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Glamorous Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day by Celebrity Hair Maestro Asgar Saboo

New Year, New Hairstyle by celebrity hairstylist by Asgar Saboo

New Year, New Hairstyle


Asgar Saboo

With 2014 a thing of the past, ladies are looking for new hairstyles to try out for the New Year. No matter what your age or hair colour, or the style and season, now is the time to experiment with a new look to kick start the year. To help you choose what style is perfect for 2015, celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo, the hair maestro and Style Director at the Daniel Galvin Salon whose work has graced the fashion and style sections of national UK newspapers, such as The Observer, The Times, The Independent and The Daily Mail, shares his favourite hairstyles and how to achieve the look.


  • The Bob After being hugely successful in 2014, the bob’s popularity is growing stronger and is showing signs of being the number one hairstyle for 2015. With celebrities such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley showcasing, there can be no doubt this hairstyle is perfect for every occasion.

    Start with having shorter layers on the crown of the head with long side swept bangs flowing past the length of your choice. If you are aiming for a completely new look, have the hair cut to just below chin length.Style:               While the hair is still damp, use a volume spray and coat the hair – this will keep the shape of your hair throughout the day while showing off the texture of the bob. A quick five minute blow dry should be all it takes to complete the look.
  • Know your hair: For those with curly hair, ask for added layers to be cut into the bob, this will ensure the hair does not gain unwanted volume. If you have naturally thin hair, ask for fewer layers to be added to the crown to give the illusion of volume and lift.

Top Tip: The bob can be a huge change for women who have had long hair all their life. A popular precaution to take before having the bob is to pin up your hair in the shape of the desired bob, then using pins matching your hair colour for a natural finish.

Hannah Simone_asgar

  • Fringe 

If you want a change but don’t feel like going for the full-on chop, then a fringe is the way forward. Even though it’s an easy hairstyle, it works wonders if you want to get out of your everyday style. Plus, it looks great with all hair lengths.

Length:             One of the best things about a fringe is that it can highlight different parts of your face. Wearing a thick, heavy fringe can help you to hide a longer forehead, whereas a face-framed fringe helps to create the illusion of more defined cheek bones.


Style:               For the best results make sure you trim your fringe regularly. Nothing looks better than healthy and shiny hair.

Know your hair: If your hair tends to get greasy quite quickly or you just didn’t have enough time to wash it – simply use dry shampoo. After spraying, brush your hair and fringe thoroughly and you are ready to go


Top Tip: If you suffer from blemishes – make sure to use a large round brush whilst blow drying your fringe – it will help to keep your hair of the skin as much as possible. A tiny bit of hair spray would be useful too as it will keep the hair from soaking any excess oils.


  • Slick centre-partings

Looking for super simple and cheap ways of getting a makeover this year? Well, you can stop right now – all you need to change is the way you part your hair.

Length:            If your face is oval or heart-shaped a slick centre parting will narrow it significantly. Just like the fringe it works beautifully with both long and short hair.


Style:               A centre parting will always help you to look smart and elegant. It will also freshen up your look instantly. For a more playful look create light waves to go with your new centre parting.


Know your hair: Centre partings have been making a comeback over the past couple of seasons and this year it will be huge. There are so many ways to wear it – from a natural look to a more defined style; the Bohemian look to smart and neat. If you’re not a fan of the slick look, try lifting the roots with  your fingertips whilst blow-drying for a more lived-in finish.

Top Tip: Heading for a few cocktails straight after work? Just tie your hair back in an elegant low ponytail and you’re ready to go!