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New Punjabi film ‘KIRDAAR’ Worldwide Launch



Diverging from the typical film opening, this story centres around the friendship between Nishawn: a struggling singer, and Josh: a struggling writer, both of whom are arduously pursuing their big break. As the plot unravels, it is clear that there is much more than meets the eye, with an air of mystery surrounding Nishawn’s story. The film awakens a genre that has not been confronted before in Punjabi cinema. Viewers will be left perplexed at what unfolds before their eyes. This is a poignant production about hope, ambition, friendship, love and the human condition. A film where all is not what it seems, leaving viewers mystified.


The film stars Nishawn Bhullar, a singer-song writer and record producer who is very well known for his patriotic songs (such as “Bhagat Singh”). His debut film: Nabar, won a National Award. He’s worked hard on his character and for the first time a Punjabi artist is playing such a challenging role. Nishwan Bhullarhas supported the team throughout the film. He is known for doing the impossible and always has something different to offer, whether he’s on screen, singing or acting.

Mani Kapoor takes the female lead in the film, who is a well-known actress and model in the Punjabi industry.

Upinder Randhawa, who directed the film, is also starring in the film, has previously acted in: Mirza: The Untold Story. He started off as a radio presenter and soon progressed as a TV presenter. His most famous and most proud work to date, is the live coverage he completed during the 2011 riots in England in & documentaries worldwide on Sky TV, BBC and ITV. He also has a prominent role in the Punjabi International Film Festival (PIFF), and the International Film Festival of South Asia (IFFSA), Toronto which he has hosted and presented from its first year.

This production is also supported by the icon of punjabi cinema Harbhajan Mann Jiwho needs no introductions. He makes his appearance in a very special and interesting role in this film, showing his support towards good literary and new ventures in Punjabi cinema.

International music star: J-Star of ‘Mundri,’ is making his debut as a Film Music Producer. He will be touching millions of hearts with his music featuring in Kirdaar.

The film is proud to present songs by both NishwanBhullar and Jaspinder Randhawa with lyrics also by Late Shiv Kumar Batalvi, Nishwan Bhullar, BaljitChumber, Navdeep and Shivdeep.

Creative Director and D.O.P. is Inderjit Bansel from Mumbai, who is well known in both the film and TV industry.

The film will be released to screens worldwide soon with your support.

What We Need  

We need at least 25K

This is to be used 100% on only the worldwide film launch and promotion as we have managed to shoot & master the film in our original production costs.

In summary the 25K will be used on

1) theatre costs
2) PR for the actual promotion
3) Film Premiere
4) Film print for cinema distribution
5) Staff admin to project manage & execute the film launch & subsequent film shows
In return for your kind sponsorship we have a number of perks

  • Film Premiere + Meet & Greet
  • Campaign branding of your company or name
  • Named as Film Sponsors

Click here to support the film launch https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/new-punjabi-film-kirdaar-worldwide-launch/

Our mission:

Our mission with this film is to raise awareness of social issues that get overlooked and often end in tragic loss of life .

Risks & Challenges

1) We dont get the full 25K – reduce film launch size to few countries & cinemas
2) Film is not promoted well – choose successful PR agencies with good track record

The film has already been made and is ready for release all the team need is approximately £25,000 for the worldwide launch of the film. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to fund us , you can still help by getting the word out and make some noise about the Film .