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The Destroyers & Dhol Blasters

Never a dhol day with The Destroyers!

Scheherazade’s Rhapsody narrates the famous story of Persian king Shahryar and his many wives. In a bid to save herself from execution over issues of fidelity, his last wife Scheherazade tells a different tale to Shahryar each night without finishing it until the next day when she begins again. The king’s curiosity keeps her alive and so it continues – for 1,001 nights.

The rich folklore springs to life through Sufi song from acclaimed North Indian classical vocalist Sanchita Pal and Kathak dance from Kaajel Patel and Subhash Viman Gorania. Festival favourites The Destroyers play traditional instruments including the udu drum, kora, oud and gamelan in addition to violins, flutes, bass and percussion for an explosion of sound and movement live on stage.

The Destroyers, an energetic and dazzling collective with musical influences from the world over, marry high precision musicianship with a blazing passion for performance. With a hectic schedule of gigs under their belt plus a variety of commissions, collaborations and a debut album expected soon, experience the swirling circus of musical mayhem at Town Hall Birmingham with this very special performance, developed in partnership with percussionist and composer Manveer Singh.

Punjabi dhol drum and Bhangra dance crew the Dhol Blasters, led by pioneer and maestro Gurcharan Mall, join the fray to deliver inspiring flashes of rhythm and movement from across the Middle East and Asia. Depicting a mystical land of djinns, enchanting princesses and all powerful magicians, expect a spectacular finale – a true riot of sounds cultures and stories.

Already renowned as the vanguard of creative content, the NGA notoriously champions the independent cause of showcasing the brightest emerging graduate talent in the arts world today. Previously supported by a host of celebrities including model Erin O’Connor, social commentator Germaine Greer, comedian Frank Skinner, artist Anthony Gormley and author Philip Pullman, this year the New Generation Arts Festival, organised by Birmingham City University and supported by Arts Council England, celebrates youth, diversity and the rise of digital culture