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Bob Ubhi - A creative person is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to compete or beat others

Nai Reesa – Bob Ubhi Official video

Birmingham based Singer/songwriter Bob Ubhi proudly presents his first debut single –  NAI REESA from his forthcoming album.


From his early teens, Bob Ubhi has been actively involved in the UK Asian music scene; firstly as an Asian percussionist playing with various artists and bands which then led him to be involved with various music production projects and a promoter of live music events.

His main love and passion of writing and composing his own music has finally come to fruition with his first track, NAI REESA.


NAI REESA one song with two different versions; the first mix is a feel-good traditional Bhangra track with powerful Asian percussion provided by Juggy Rihal and infused with Funk elements of live bass and guitars provided by Steve Ajit.


The late Dev Raj Jassal also provided his melodious sound of live Tumbi and Flutes, giving this version a true Punjabi sound.


Illustrating Bob's versatile style, the 2nd Version of NAI REESA is an upbeat vibrant club

mix, combining a modern dance theme with powerful vocals to give NAI REESA a different spin.

Both lyrics and composition of the track were written by Bob Ubhi.

The co- production of the music by Bob Ubhi and a new talented producer Amsonik giving NAI REESA a fresh new sound.


NAI REESA sees the start of a new chapter in Bob Ubhi’s musical journey where he hopes to show his creativity through his own lyrics, compositions and live perform.