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Nachana / Back in Business. Jassi J. P2K Exclusvie

Nachana / Back in Business. Jassi J. P2K Exclusvie

Birmingham's very own Jassi Jalandhri delivers his fifth studio album "Nachna" ably supported by two of the biggest names in the music industry – Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda.

"Nachna" represents a new stage of evolution for the Jassi Jalandhri, who is equally comfortable playing the role of writer, producer and vocalist. His up-tempo beats stir the soul, and his dance grooves will bring the music lovers to their feet. Lyrically the album is packed with touching content and "My music is an expression of what I feel inside, explains Jassi, "the one and only rule is to have fun and enjoy!"


Jassi Jalandhri's career spans over 15 years in the UK where he has shared the stage with a stunning line-up of top-notch artists: Jazzy B, Madan Maddi,Bhinda Jatt, Dippa Satrang, Meshi Eshara and Sukshinder Shinda, to name just a few. These days he is touring the UK and world as support to Sukshinder Shinda and his ever growing band of fans.


"Nachna" premieres 8 new songs, co-written and produced by Jassi including his first solo effort on vocals with the title track. With further vocal exploits from the likes of Dippa Satrang, Meshi Eshara, Sukwinder Panchi, Karamjit Anmol and Lember Hussainpuri this album is the efforts of over 12 months in the studio. Overall, the album combines dance rhythms, happy lyrics and a whiff of nostalgia with touch of modern-sounding beats that brings a UK Bhangra attitude back to folk music.

The album is due for a May 2008 release.

Nachana / Back in Business. Jassi J. P2K Exclusvie

Check out Jassi's official site http://www.jassij.com/