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Miss Pooja’s brother Rickie Rix launches singing career

28 year old Rickie Rix, the younger brother of Miss Pooja, has just launched his debut single ‘Ibaadat’ on the Tahliwood record label. I recently spoke to him to find out what response he has had on the launch of his debut single and what we can expect from him in the future.



Rickie Rix, who is the younger brother of the Punjabi duet Queen Miss Pooja, says he can remember singing from a young age. His mother and younger sister who is currently studying at a Engineering College, also enjoy singing. So he comes from a very musical family and is looking to establish himself as a household name in the Punjabi Music Market.



Congratulations on the release of your debut single ‘Ibaadat’. What response you have received?

The response for this single has been incredible, and I cannot believe the love and support which I have received. The lyrics to this romantic Punjabi song were written by Kumar Vinod. In the music video for this song, me and Priyanka Bhardwaj starred as the main roles.

How long have you been singing and have you had any vocal training?

I am very blessed to come from such a talented family, as I used to accompany my elder sister whilst she was singing and recording her songs. From this I gained a lot of practise and singing advice, along with singing Shabads at the Gurdwara from a very young age. I have also had professional lessons from Pavan Aktar, the son of Ustad Kesar Ji, who also taught my elder sister Miss Pooja.

Can you play any musical instruments?

I can play the Tabla and the Harmonium, which I am still learning to master.

Which artists do you personally enjoy listening to?

Surinder Kaur is my all time favourite female artist, and Gurdas Mann for male artist, as he is still doing very well for himself.

Which market would you say your music is aimed at?

My music will be aimed towards the Punjabi Market, although my first track seems to be a filmy number. The current music era in India seems to be experiencing the Kharku type of songs, such as ‘Jatt Fire Karda’, however, I would love to aim my music towards the whole family, music which everyone can enjoy.

Would you like to collaborate or do a duet with anybody?

I am always open to new ideas and already have a duet song chosen which I am looking forward to start working on. My current single will also be featured on an album by various artists called Youngsters which will be released soon. There is a wide range of new material which I am working on and I am a stronger believer in hard work and putting in the time and effort. It is vital that I maintain the presence in the music field as I grow and become more established. I have already visited the UK  and witnessed first hand the current music scene over there, and I am currently planning a trip to USA, but look forward to visiting the UK again in the future.

How important are music videos to your songs?

Music videos are very important to the song, as I think they should portray what the song is about and do justice to the singer, not just copy what all the other current videos are doing. It is also important that the video can be enjoyed by the whole family.

When not singing what hobbies do you have?

I am a very sporty person and enjoy playing Badminton, Cricket and Table tennis.

What is your favourite food?

I run my own restaurant so I am always surrounded by food, but my favourite is always Desi Kana.

Any message for yours fans

I recently launched my social media accounts and have been over whelmed with love and messages of support. I am going to be releasing a lot of Punjabi songs, so watch this space! I will keep you updated here at when my next tracks are ready to be released.