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Mauj Mastiyan - Harbhajan Mann

Mauj Mastiyan – Harbhajan Mann

“Mauj Mastiyan” the album is a flavoured ensemble of music that skirts bhangra, riddled with influence from classical Punjab and the West. The album consists of 8 brand new tracks. It is the perfect fusion of traditional and innovative sounds of the present, such as tracks like Churi Kuti Reh Gayi and Tere Bhulakikhe Jehe Paian. Harbhajan Mann is recently more been known for reviving Punjabi Cinema to its greatest with his leading roles in blockbuster hits “Jee ayan Nu”, “Asa Nu Maan Watna Da” and “Dil Apna Panjabi” . 

Harbhajan Mann has a large portfolio of work with successes including albums “Oye Hoye” and “Jag Jeondeyan De Mele” which firmly settled his feet in the history of Punjabi bhangra.  “Mauj Mastiyan” the album has a distinctive sound, fusing together musical styles from all over the globe. The album has many western influences it also boasts very traditional Bhangra as well as a soft melodious love song. 

ThinkBig Entertainment are more widely known for artist and event management boasting some of the U.K’s most prestigious venues and international stars. ThinkBig Entertainment are proud to present Harbhajan Mann’s – “Mauj Mastiyan” to the U.K market.

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Watch the VIDEO for Ajj Churi Kuti Reh Gayi & also Baja & Mandeep's Interview with Harbhajan Mann on Dil Apna Punjabi