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Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola Film Review

Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola Film Review

Set in Haryana, Harry Mandola (Pankaj Kapur) who is an alcoholic wealthy father of Bijlee (Anushka Sharma). Harry has the dreams of turning villagers land into an industrial state, which is an attempt that villagers are against. Matru (Imran Khan) who works for Harry secretly tries to prevent villagers from losing their land. Baadal (Arya Babbar) is the son of Chaudhari Devi (Shabana Azmi) who is set out to rein the wealth of Harry by getting her son married with Bijlee.


From the characters that were casted, applause has to be directed to Pankaj Kapur who embraces the screen with his acting. He is the one who stands out from the rest, especially the times when he is drunk, his appearance provides laughter at all times. The dialogues, his actions and the outcomes leave the audience wanting to see more of him. Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma are paired well along each other whilst Arya Babbar puts in the silly character that in a positive way. Shabana Azmi did well for her role although her character gives away the impressions of what she does in the end of the film.


As for the screenplay, it has its flaws but Vishal Bhardwaj and Abhishek Chaubey construct a well-attempted script that does entertain. The film is at times dull and tends to get the attention away from the film, but when characters like Pankaj Kapur appear on screen drunk, it grasps the attention back to it. There are moments where few things seem out of place, but there are more incidents that entice the action.


Overall, Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola entertains but struggles to leave an impact the way other films do in which the viewers get attracted to it. This is a one off watch film. Praise is due to Pankaj Kapur that keeps this average film as a talking matter at least for now. Without him, Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola could have been much worse and the type of film you would walk out of the cinema at the interval.