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Mangal Singh - Celebrations

Mangal Singh – Celebrations

Mangal Singh, a household name in many homes. Many of you will remember him from his 'Chirag Pehchan' days where he released a total of 11 albums with the band which included hit tracks such as 'Rail Gaddi', 'Jatt Soormay' and many others. 
Mangal Singh's songs have featured in 53 films at present time which is a tremendous achievement. He is also a Punjabi/Hindi play back singer and also has a Bollywood hit song called 'Kali Teri Choti' from the film 'Baahar Ane Tak'.
He is set to release his brand new album titled 'Celebrations' – A Selection of Wedding Songs. The album consists of 8 tracks all of which are songs for wedding festivities. The album has been directed by Tejwant Kittu & Mangal Singh and the music has been arranged by Bijoy Singh from Bombay. 
Mangal Singh would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Kundan Bhaji for proving two songs which were recorded in Bombay and at Papa Jo Studio in Southall, also to Vip & Bipin.
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