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Malkit Singh & His Tumbi

Malkit Singh Honoured

Malkit Singh Malkit Singh started his singing career back in 1986 under the name of Golden Star & has gone onto record 21 solo albums & had has had tracks on various compalitions & film soundtracks from around the world inc Bend it Like Beckham (the most popualr British Asian films ever made, which stared the likes of Anupam Kher, Ameet Chana Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley, Kulwinder Ghir , Archie Punjabi, Preeya Klaidas, Pooja Shah & Shaznay Lewis)
Below is a list of album released by Malkit Singh thruout his career to date.

  • Nach Gidde Vich (1986)
  • I Love Golden Star (1987)
  • Put Sardaren De (1988)
  • Chott Nigary Lawo (1988)
  • Up Front (1988)
  • Fast Forward (1989)
  • Hai Shava (1989)
  • Dhotakada Bai Dhotakada (1990)
  • Ragga Muffin Mix (1991)
  • Gal Sun Ja (1991)
  • Tere Ishq Nachiyanv (1992)
  • Singho Ho Jo Kathe (1992)
  • Chak De Dholia (1993)
  • Midas Touch (1994)
  • Forever Gold (1995)
  • Akh Larr Gayee (1997)
  • Malkit Millennium Mixes "Kini Sohni" (1999)
  • Nach Nach (2000)
  • Kudi Patole Wargi (2000)
  • Murh Watna Nu Jana
  • Paaro (2001)
  • Mighty Boliyan (2001)
  • Midas Touch II (2003)
  • 21st Chapter Nachna Aaj Nachna (2005)  
  • Malkits 22nd album is due to release early 2008 & has also recorded a duet with fellow Birmingham based singer Jassi Sidhu's new album (The New Adventures Of Jassi Sidhu) entiled "KI KEHNEH"
    Also mentioned was Ammo (Amajit Talwar, Chief Executive, Punch Records.
    For services to the Music Industry and to the community in
    the West Midlands)
    So well done to him as well.

    We at Punjab2000 would like to congratulate Malkit Singh & Amo for helping spread the word of Punjabi music even further & also for making it onto the Honours List.