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Leading South Asian entertainment website breaks the one million hits mark!’s studio partnerships and marketing campaigns targeting the South Asian Diaspora world-wide formed the strategic plan to achieve the one million target objective. has established content agreements major entertainment brands and media outlets including UTV, Adlabs and Venus.
The website has successfully utilized marketing tools such as competitions, newsletter mail-outs, strategic radio and press opportunities, coverage of star-studded film launch parties and Search Engine Optimisation initiatives to effectively drive traffic and develop the stickiness of the website. supports the Bollywood theatrical releases in the UK and as the “Official UK Online Partner” for the blockbuster film RACE it provided both online and offline promotional activities. further generated awareness by engaging in ground activities targeting the UK Asian market such as competitions and giveaways at key events including the Zee Carnival 2008 which attracted 90,000+ visitors. 
The largest traffic to the website has been the introduction of cricket matches to download and stream live as they happen. secured the exclusive global online rights (excluding India) for the recent Zee TV/Essel Sports Indian Cricket League (ICL) Twenty20s – one of 2008’s most highly anticipated cricketing events – and for the upcoming ICL World Series– the first in cricket history!
The development of this partnership between, Zee TV and Essel Sports displays the significance of a portal such as with its vast reach, global South Asian targeted audience and the importance of streaming matches live online.  
Since its launch at the Max Stardust Awards in Mumbai on 25th January, has continued to secure the largest online movie subscriber base in the world and is the number one release site for Bollywood and South Asian entertainment. Through this rapid expansion, has established itself as the major online advertising and film promotion vehicle to reach the South Asian audience on an international level.  
With regards to the phenomenal success that has generated in such a short space of time, Nigel Glynn-Davies, CEO, comments, “We have been delighted with the success of The milestone that we have now achieved has sealed’s place as a valuable online destination to reach audiences and support the Bollywood industry in its growth and performance worldwide.
With audience attitudes to media changing, this achievement shows how Bollywood has transcended barriers and how we are meeting that change
.” is the largest online network to host a comprehensive and high quality portfolio of popular South Asian entertainment, including movies, film clips, television dramas, stage plays and music. It is also the only online destination that can claim to be genuinely South Asian with exclusive, legal content that spans Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali entertainment as well as exciting cricket content. has developed one of the most technically efficient and user friendly routes to view and download South Asian entertainment, following simple instructions that also allow viewers to link their PC’s directly to TV. Virtually all of its unparalleled portfolio of content is held on an exclusive basis and cannot be viewed or downloaded from any other medium.