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Krrish hit the London city with his lady – Jassi sits down with Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra in London for Krrish 3 film promotions.

Krrish hit the London city with his lady - Jassi sits down with Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra in London for Krrish 3 film promotions.

Krrish hit the London city with his lady – Jassi sits down with Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra in London for Krrish 3 film promotions.

Hrithik – I would like to say thank you for being here and very excited. I believe you all have just seen the promos of the film; hope you liked that as well. We all worked really hard. It is god to be here in London, one of my favourite cities in the world.

Priyanka – Likewise, thank you all for being here. I am really excited and can’t wait to answer your questions.



What is the message behind Krrish 3?

Hrithik – Well what’s the message behind in any movie? It is basically the cinema is about entertainment and we are here to entertain and if through that entertainment a message comes along that can empower you, give you a reason to hope, instant kind of strength within you, a philosophy, then that is great. I guess Krrish 3 does carry a message but I would like the film to speak for itself and I hope you all get the message when you see it. But I believe cinema is about gifting that primary entertainment and I hope the Krrish movie entertains you and also that message you are looking for.


Your father is a miracle working for being able to make such a mega budget film on the flashes of a Hollywood film. How did he do it?

Hrithik – Well thank you for the compliment, but I would so love to answer your question once you have seen the result and the outcome of what we have achieved. Then ask me the journey behind because I am really proud of it and really proud of the journey from starting off at a stage where it all seemed impossible, but we had a brilliant team. Priyanka here is somebody who I admire a lot because of her honest and the fact that we all know she is a brilliant actor. But on a personal note, Krrish 3 is the way it is because she is a pivotal part of the team. In fact, the promo that you all just seen, I showed it to her first and she glanced a lot around the room in frustration that it wasn’t good. I was like, what’s wrong with you? People are going crazy about this promo and she’s like no it’s not good. She was the only one who actually who spoke her mind and we had 3 hours left until the promo hit the YouTube and the world. I quickly said something is there, she has always been honest with me, so I ran in to the edit, changed a few things around. So what you actually see now is the result of that piece of convo that we had. Thanks for that Priyanka; I would like to thank you.


Priyanka, being a great dancer, what is it like to be dancing with the lord of the dance?

Hrithik – She actually knows the truth, so she doesn’t give a shit. She knows how hard I have to work.

Priyanka – I make him look good.


Can you tell us how much the characters have changed from Krrish to Krrish 3?

Hrithik – Well where shall I begin? Krrish 3 for me the biggest challenge was revisiting my character from Koi Mil Gaya… in which I played the mentally challenged Rohit. That was something that was a big challenge for me because it had been about 8 years since I played that character, your voice changes and yourself changes so I had to find that voice again and body language. At the same time the character is vulnerable and all full of love and the same time he is playing a father of Krishna. So to combine those two and play an important role to his son giving him strength that was kind of a combination very challenging for me, it was the most important aspect of the son as he has an important role. As far as Krishna is concerned, is has travelled from the mountains in the last film, he is a silly man now, more Hrithik, smarter, more of a city boy. As far as villain is concerned, I must confess when we were discussing which actor should play this part, I really pushed myself for it. I was selling myself for it. For days to my dad and the writers that I should do this man, I can really do this well. I give my life away for this. Apart of a screen test, I did everything.

Priyanka – He wanted to play all 5 characters including mines.

Hrithik – That’s what my dad said; you want to do all of the characters? Then who is going to be left in the film? But I’m so glad and so happy.

Priyanka – I’m glad too because I look prettier in the dress.

Hrithik – I agree, and also happy because now when I see Vivek and what he has done with Kaal, I am truly amazed and so happy that I did not do that part. Because what he has done, I don’t think any other actor would have been able to do it so hats off to him.

Priyanka – For me when I played Priya in Krrish, it was the love interest that was new, it had just started and I was a journalist trying to trick him in to by finding out about his super powers etc. Now coming in to this film, Mr Rakesh said that I have a part in the film. It is the love interest again and what is more, there is a strange double edge role that my character has. You won’t expect it but it comes and happens in the film and I think that gave the edge to which I play. Beyond the character that I play there is so much to it, and I appreciated it and loved playing that and being a part of Krrish once again.

Krrish 3 Poster

After revising all the characters, how much of a challenge was it for you and which one is your favourite one out of the 3?

Hrithik – Out of Krrish, Krishna and Rohit, it was difficult and it always is. I am glad I had the change to seek that challenge. Krrish and Rohit are two ends of my personality, they both are 100% me. When I am playing Rohit I feel like it is a part of my childhood and who I have been. As for Krrish, it is the side of me that strength and I am unstoppable and unbreakable. It comes for the mentality and mental decision, a mental shift that empowers me incredibly. In fact it has had such a deep impact on my life that I wear a symbol where I go now, just to remind myself that whatever comes my way, however difficult or tough it is that if my perspective and attitude is correct then I can overcome and surpass anything in my life. So I’m like this baby, bring it on and whatever.


Has it had an impactful bearing upon your life to carry on Krrish legacy?

Hrithik – Impact of my life has been amazing and apart from that doing Krrish on cables in the heat of film city, going through trees, the action got really dirty. After that coming back to my van and spent 3 hours on make up for Rohit, that is the point of time to have a massage and go sleep but I had to get in to the shoes of Rohit and spend that long to be him.  So I love the changes upon the continuation for the story and the franchise.


Do you have a favourite choreographer?

Hrithik – I don’t think it is about any particular choreography, I think it is about who gets in to that particular song, gets the groove right and use his or her imagination to express the music through the physically moves. So I think I had the opportunity of working with some of the best and I think all of them have done an amazing justice to the songs. I have worked with the best and interpreting their creativity to the dance floor.


Then is there any choreographer that you have not had the change to work with but would like to?

Hrithik – Priyanka is fabulous at dancing. If you see her dancing when no one is around, she is really something else. I would actually like to pick her.

Priyanka – (jokes) you would actually like me to choreograph you? You couldn’t handle it. I wouldn’t want to put you in that spot, he will realise how truly hard it is.


As growing up whom were your influences from the superhero characters?

Hrithik – I have truly ben a fan of the superhero genre and my first movie was superman, second film was E.T. So you can guess that both the films have had implications on the Krrish films somehow. Well I think the impact they have on my life is that is fills my imagination and puts a vision in my head as a kid to dream the impossible because that’s what superheroes are about and about the possibilities. A superhero is not all about the cape or the mask, it is about the values and codes he lives by, the character, so now I’ve grown up I have understood that we all can be superheroes that if we associated with those values and associate with the codes to help and to give someone in need.


Tell us more about your eating regime and how you looked as good as Priyanka?

Hrithik – That is a perfect compliment. My training regime is the same thing that I do; we all know what the good things are and what the bad things are to eat.


Reason why I ask this is because from the Krrish film you have become bigger and have a much better physique?

Hrithik – (jokes) it is the evolution of me. I worked really hard guys.

Priyanka – I’ll tell you because Hrithik is trying to be humble. He was under this crazy regime; he was given certain amount of foods and proteins, carbs to eat. Everything was calculated and trained for about 3 or 4 hours a day. So he put a tremendous amount of effort to make sure he had enough iron inside the suit, as he needed to look outside of it.


Vivek Oberoi stated in an interview this this is your ‘career best performance’. How far do you agree with that?

Hrithik – Who said that?

Priyanka – Vivek did.

Hrithik – Well let me say Vivek did an outstanding job in this film, I’m not just returning the compliment because he has complimented me but Vivek’s role is the role that I wanted to play actually. He is outstanding in the film and the fact that he compliments me is nice and feel good about that, but I will only know how good or bad I am when the audience sees the result of the film and the final outcome is achieved and that is what I will be waiting for but its appreciative that he has complimented me.


Priyanka, what more does your character bring in to Krrish 3?

Priyanka – Well the cool thing for me in this film was that my character Priya from where we left off was that she comes home with him and now being his wife, I would have thought I would be his partner in disguise like in superhero films but Rakesh sir has given reality to my character where it has a little bit of good and a little bit of bad, bad is always good as you know so that is taking it forward. Like I always say, the whole film is about me and about the boys are fighting over me. Vivek wants me, Hrithik wants me and I’m just like boys just stop please.

Hrithik – And we have stopped, I have left you alone now so relax.


I guess that will lead to Krrish 4 then someday?

Priyanka – Yeah who knows?

Hrithik – Of course, why not? Keep it going!


Priyanka is it applicable that your character keeps Krrish grounded or lets him fly away?

Priyanka – I am the wind behind his wings to let him fly, we don’t want Krrish to be grounded at all. Krrish has to fly to save the world and I am glad that somebody from India is doing it because we need saving too you know.

Hrithik – I’ll add to that, home is where the heart is and he always is happy that he has a home to come to because his heart is with his wife. As Priyanka said she is the wind beneath his wings that gives me the power to fly and the love the support.


Thank you so much for your time Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra; it was a pleasure to interview you both. Wish you all the utmost success for Krrish 3.

Hrithik – It’s a pleasure thank you so much to you and Punjab2000

Priyanka – Thank you Jassi.

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