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Kirron Kher and Sonali Bendre join Abhishek for 'National Bingo Night on Colors!

Kirron Kher and Sonali Bendre join Abhishek for ‘National Bingo Night on Colors!

This weekend welcomes a laughter riot on the sets of ‘National Bingo Night’ as host Abhishek Bachchan’s on screen mum Kirron Kher and close friend Sonali Bendre get together to try their luck at Bingo. To discover who hits jackpot, be sure to tune in on Saturday 13th February at 9.00pm, with a repeat broadcast on Sunday 21st February at 1.00pm, exclusively on COLORS.

Kirron Kher and Sonali Bendre, who were both judges on COLORS' hugely successful ‘India's Got Talent’ last season, will be seen not only playing Bingo but also shaking a leg to the infamous songs 'Maa Da Laadla’ and ‘Pardesi Girl' from the movie ‘Dostana’.

Abhishek & Kirron Kher

As the on-set masti continues, Abhishek promptly informs all members of the audience about Kirron Ji's obsession with astrology to which she whole heartedly admits that she believes in everything from tarot to numerology to astrology…and Abhishek quips in by giving her an 'A' rank in Bingology!

Abhishek & Sonali Bendre

Having been beaten by AB's Baby in the debate on Bingology, Kirron decides to take sweet revenge and defeats the cheeky host at a game of badminton right there on set. Well, Kirron Ji might have won at badminton thanks to being champion at the game throughout her school and college years but does she win at Bingo? Or is it Sonali who takes home the moolah? Or does the audience trump them both? Be sure to find out by tuning in to ‘National Bingo Night’ exclusively on COLORS on Saturday 13th February at 9.00pm, repeated on Sunday 21st February at 1.00pm.



COLORS, India’s number one entertainment channel, is available on Sky’s Digital Satellite platform on Channel No. 829. Also coming soon on the VIEWASIA package.