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King Of Kings 2 Gig Review By Jusi

Firstly can I just say that, which ever clever clogs decided to put apna sangeet on around 11 better come to me and get juthiya old skool bibi style! (im talking about havin a belnah somewhere where it would hurt!) I mean come on, at that time your just getting into the vibe and trying to find people (hint hint TONY!!)

Tony’s already done another review and in detail described who played what and when, very nicely done may I add, but he only wrote it because he thought I was going to flop, abit like a few other P2K members! Naming no names!

I would like to mention at this point that DesC and his “mate” (Rana) as Tony referred to him definitely kicked some ass on the dance floor. Tony got his shandy from DesC instead of me because he was scared that I might slip his drink and try it on with him lol only messin

Right, as for the artists, well I’m not a big fan of live bands anyway, but this wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I was disappointed with Juggy for not performing live, but ahh well, I guess hes better at pushing something else up harder then pushing the mic nearer to his mouth lol

DCS, hmm, now I’ve heard they do a really good live performance, but to be honest, the two times that I’ve seen them, they haven’t made me do as much nach nach as Lembher does, then again Lembher makes me do a lot more then just nach nach haha

Gotta say though, whoever thought of putting Lembher last was abit of an Einstein, because personally I think a lot of people would have left Zanzibar if Lembher had done his bit earlier on the night. I for sure was only there till the end just for sada Lembher ji.

Lembher didn’t have to sing hauli nach to me because unfortunately my lak wasn’t going to break on this night :(

Overall, the night kicked ass, I mean it kicked ass soo much that it could even flatten J-Lo’s botox filled chittar

Personally it wasn’t the music or the artists that did it for me, it was the people I was with and the atmosphere. It felt like a house party with all the familiar faces! Its not everyday you get DesC giving you a piggy back ride, or having your **** pinched by a certain Desi-White Tiger, or get to harass Mr Kilki roadshow leaving him limping or even more, having your picture taken with THEE biggest pimp around who goes by the name of Tony (luv u really dude) :) lol

The only downsides I can recall are; the sweaty BO wale bundeh in their vest tops! Who saw the guy with the red belehn (vest) with big chunky sweat patches and 4inch long underarm hair lol sorry I just had to make you visual it, and now is when you cringe hardcore! Lol
And Lisa Mafia and Romeo, all im gonna say is LEHH!! I came to king of kings to give a geraa not to make my booty touch the ground! As the guys shouted for Lisa, the girls shouted for Romeo, we were shouting for Lembher

Although the gig was pretty much fight free, there was one fight in the r’n’b section, actually it was more of a cat fight between two men! Didn’t know guys were into that kinda thing :P

The other downside was seeing the tarts of P2K, (in no particular order apart from preference lol) Tony VJ and Baja at the very end of the night! I just know they tried to avoid people like myself, then again, you can’t really blame them now can you!! Unfortunately on that note, the bouncers told us to go, but like unwanted nits we just wouldn’t move! lol

Hope yall like my review, please don’t do my besti and hate it nai tha mera dil tutjaana ya :( lol

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