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KHILADI 786 is mixed with struggle and cope – FILM REVIEW

The Khiladi franchise does not live up to the expectation, in fact, Khiladi 786 is a film piled together to dictate humour and pure entertainment. Akshay Kumar is depicted in his comedy ways in which he does deliver, but a star image is not the only input to try and master a film after the success of the original. You will see visually a mixture of Akshay Kumar from Rowdy Rathore, Ajay Devgan from Singham and Salman Khan from Dabangg.

You will come across fights, action, men flying, objects and cars breaking, literally smashing into pieces. The inclusion of Rohit Shetty working behind the scenes is no doubt to be a major influence in the way the stunts are carried out. Some may not find it appealing but it delivers because of what Akshay Kumar has personified through his previous comedy and action films. This film has it all but lacks the big-bang factor. There aren’t any diehard action that puts the audience on the edge of their seats, although it is an entertainer, something just wasn’t there to emphasis the return of Khiladi.

The script isn’t the best, yet there are funny dialogues that do impress. Majority of the film was dull, there were parts that had the humour produced the survival of this production. The first half of the film was weak; it needed more engaging scenes that keep the viewers glued to the screen, that wasn’t really there. After the interval, dialogues got better and more satisfying although the storyline still doesn’t kick off. Thankfully the film ended with a strong climax, which finishes the film on a good note. For that reason, Khiladi 786 remains as a one off film, not the type that will lure you back again to watch it.