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Kabul Express

The tempo slows down a bit with the next track, ‘Keh Raha Mera Dil’, sung again by Raghav Sachar. A much mellower sounding number, the song takes listeners on a nostalgic trip into the most memorable moments of their lives.

The album also features a couple of really interesting instrumental numbers. The ‘Kabul Express’ theme composed by Julius Packiam makes heavy use of the flute and Arabic beats and changes the mood completely. An ethereal Arabic female voice in the background just adds to the music. The instrumental version of the ‘Kabul Fiza Theme’ features the multiple talents of composer Raghav Sachar, who plays the saxophone, saxonet, flute, piccolo, aulos, guitar and various percussion instruments on this album. And to prove that he is as effective in the recording studio as he is in the playing of his instruments, Raghav Sachar comes up with the faster remix version of ‘Kabul Fiza’ – another tune that will certainly become a dance floor favourite. And the lounge mix of ‘Banjar’ features the uniquely seductive voice of Sunidhi Chauhan – and is different enough from the original to sound like a completely new work in the album. And completing the suite of ‘Banjar’ songs is Indipop favourite KK who brings a fresh touch to ‘Banjar’ (Revisited). Raghav Sachar himself sings another solo number ‘Yeh Main Aaya Kahaan Hoon’ where he makes superb use of harmonies to capture the wistful yearning in the song.

The music video for ‘Kabul Fiza’ is already receiving heavy rotation play on various TV stations and given the quality of the entire album, it looks like Yash Raj Films is continuing its trend of delivering super hit music for each of its films. And proving that giving space to new composers makes for really fresh sounding music that perfectly captures the mood of the film.