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Johnny Cool does Asian Glamour girl

Aplogies for not posting just been busy hiding all my teddies.  One was called Ram, the other Jesus and the other – I better not say, I dont want to die yet! When in rome do as the Romans do.
As I was saying I've been busy. I've made my radio debut.  I've just done my first show with glamour girl Krystal – real name Sunny Nersia. She openly talks about getting her 'ludoos out' and also wanting to appear in lad mags like Playboy and Mayfair.  the modeling industry, her likes and dislikes about the perfect man, her view on Jay Seans short hair cut and new single, and how  Simon Cowell and Micheal Douglas tickle her fancy!
I'm looking for more nutters, if your mad and do stuff outside the norm then contact me at [email protected]  because you could be appearing on my show.
laters baby JCx