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JCs top 10 chat up lines!

Hey guys how you doing?
We all know im a ladies man, not a lady boy or a geezer bird but a man who is adored by the chicks. My goodlooks with my charm has opened places which has given me easy access! you catch my drift?
In order to give something back ive decided to leave my top ten chat up lines which help in the art of seduction.
1)Hey Baby I love it when you eat KFC especially when you suck the bone!
2)Your so gorgeous your hairy back reminds me of a gorilla
3)You move your mouth like a camel on heat
4)Hey baby im not tight but can you lend me a pound
5)Roses are red violets are blue youre a roly poly pig who smells of poo
6)Hey baby is that your perfume or did you just fart?
7)Wow darling your teeth are so yellow you could butter a loaf of bread
8)Hey gorgeous do you work out coz you need to work on your big ass too!
9)Your lovely but youd be better if you had bigger boobs.
10)Hey darling with a hair cut like that I hope you got compensation.
You can read the rest of the article in Januarys IKONZ magazine.
Laters baby
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