Jaz Dhami and PBN collaborate for the first time‏


What do you get when the most popular UK Desi Artist in the world teams up with one of the most successful UK Bhangra producers? A DANCEFLOOR BANGER!
Jaz Dhami and PBN have teamed up to revive the UK Bhangra scene with the insanely energetic BHANGRA MACHINE

Fresh off the back of his second Bollywood release of the year for Kareena Kapoorsupcoming movie Ki and Ka, Jaz Dhami is now going to lead the way for Bhangra anthems in 2016.

Talks of a collaboration between Jaz Dhami and the ‘hit-maker’ PBN had been ongoing, Jaz said “the moment I heard the lyrics for Bhangra Machine by Jaggi Jagowal, I knew PBN was the man for it.” 

He adds, “There’s been so much talk how the scene in the UK has just fizzled out and that UK Bhangra is dead, we thought it’s about time we bought some fire back to it.”

Boy have they done that! 

The track sees Jaz Dhami give a nakhra packed vocal performance superbly complemented by the trademark PBN party beats. You’ll also get to see the lads give a energy packed performance in the video by Frame Singh – look out for PBN in Desi attire for the first time too! Bhangra Machine is also Jaz’s first release withMoviebox Records.
A word of warning…. Be prepared to struggle for elbow space on the dance floor with this one!




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