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Jayden ‘s “Love Me Forever “

The forthcoming single ‘Love Me Forever’ will be available to buy from 26th July 2012 from all good online distributors. The music video for this song will be aired on all good music video channels.  

The song has been produced by the internationally renowned Baldev Mastana (World Music Studios), who has mentored Jayden in his musical journey for a number years to date. The song includes Jayden’s vocals sung in both English and Mandarin, written by Jayden himself when he was living in China. The song features traditional Chinese instruments with a contemporary R&B arrangement, brining something fresh, new and innovative into the urban music industry.

The music video further pushes visual boundaries, featuring Jayden alongside actress Vicki Leung (James Bond – Skyfall) in a CGI replication of The Great Wall of China. The visual aesthetics portrayed push the boundaries of modern graphical art, which serve as the perfect backdrop of this multi-cultural love song.

This ground-breaking video, combined with music production from Baldev Mastana, and lyrics and composition by Jayden himself is sure to revolutionise urban music genre once more.

Bob Brolly from BBC commented – "Love me forever has a great groove, and lyrics, a story of young love,  by a very talented artist, who when you listen to the track, will soon realise performed with a passion only the song writer could deliver".