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Jay Sean – The Mistress II : Room Service

Jay Sean – The Mistress II : Room Service


International R n B star Jay Sean has recently announced that he’s releasing “The Mistress II – Room Service” the¬† follow up mixtape to “The Mistress” which was released in September 2011.

Sean says about his new project “I know in this day and age we want everything NOW. And our patience is minimal. Even the fastest internet connection isn’t fast enough, 15secs vid is too long, this paragraph is already prob too long for some to be bothered to read. But I won’t rush my creative process. Music is too disposable nowadays. Hard to make a classic in a few weeks. The greats never did that. That’s why they are remembered forever. My next piece of work is probably my best to date”.

Jay-Sean-Mistress2 I’m so proud of “The Mistress 2. My true fans will love it I’m sure of it. I made it for you and for me. I promise you you won’t have to wait much longer. It’s finished and ready to come out. Now it’s all about teasing you with what we have under our belt. Love you fans.

Thank you for letting me make the music I wanna make. And the type I think you wanna hear”.


Jay Sean beatboxing with Punjab2000!

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Download THE MISTRESS Mixtape here