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Jassi speaks to Kanika Kapoor about her rise to stardom and taking Bollywood by storm with her superhit music



Kanika Kapoor has rises to stardom and is delivering good hits in the music scene in Bollywood cinema. She is now involved in the star-studded movie Happy New Year and currently touring internationally with the case for the SLAM Tour. Jassi from Punjab2000 spoke to Kanika who is scheduled to arrive in London on October 4th.

Hello Kanika,  how are you keeping?
I’m very well thank you, just a little bit tired because of a lot of things working and travelling but it is fun. Just have to get used to it right.

Now with the 2 tracks from Happy New Year movie that you have sung for, how does it feel to reach such platform in Bollywood?
Well honestly I don’t really ever sit down and think about it. I am just so busy creating and making music, doing what I am best at doing. From my perspective I don’t see what others are seeing, of course it is a great feeling that my songs are loved and played and are in movies, touch wood they keep doing really well. Other than that I am very happy with this life.

You are now working on bigger heights, how did you get involved with Happy New Year?
Dr Zeus and myself put this song almost 2 years ago and we had the song ready. I took it to Shahrukh, we then collaborated with Vishal and Shehkar and that is how Lovely came out, the original was Kamlee that we made.



It must feel really good to have Shahrukh Khan and Deepika being associated with you and your music?
Yeah I really am thankful, touch wood, that everyone loves it and that Shahrukh gave me this opportunity and loved the music. It is very humble, really nice of to be having this chance in my career.

Are we going to see a music video with yourself and Dr Zeus away from Happy New Year for Lovely or Kamlee?
Lets see, still it is really early. Lets see how the songs do in terms of being appreciated publicly then we will see.


You are part of the SLAM tour, how is this experience been for you so far working internationally with such star studded team?
We still have 4 more shows left but it has been amazing. It is a once in a lifetime moment for me to be on a tour with Shahrukh Khan. It has been a huge learning experience in many ways as an artist. Probably one of the greatest opportunities any young new artist could get, I am very fortune to see the way Shahrukh works and he is a true artist. Very hardworking individual and there is so much to learn from him, he has been in the industry for a long time, truly the King Khan.

Are the fans going to see an album from Kanika anytime soon then this way they can see you do a solo concert tour?
Yes of course, with gods grace I have some new music coming out with mainstream collaborations (which I can’t talk to much about now) starting from now onwards for several months. Also working on more Bollywood movies. I had no time to work on my album but hopefully with this new single that is almost ready, it will be out very soon.

What about your own concert?
In terms of concerts, It has been a dream to be singing at The O2, which is happening for me on the 5th of October for SLAM. After that yes I will be doing other work and other shows. So far this is just the start so lets see it hopefully happens.


How do you keep yourself focused in making your next release to be better than your previous one?
With experience I realised you just have to be focused and know what you have to do, just putting my heart in to whatever I will do. Honestly, the best always comes out. I never think about my previous stuff.
Ones the song is out there then that is it. I don’t actually think about it so much. It is something that I have given to the world, I only think about the next one. I just give it my best all the time, my heart and soul in it. I just create something that naturally comes out so I don’t do anything extra to motivate myself. But I do constantly keep listening to great music, all different genres but I like old music so I like to get a little bit of influence from there. I want to create different kind and types of music. I don’t want to be typecasted as just a Punjabi item girl singer, as I am a classical artist as I can actually sing different types of melodies and genres. Right now I am doing what is working for me the most.

Keeping music to one side, would acting be something you would consider since you are hanging out and working in the industry? Actually I haven’t really thought about it yet, I have studied in an acting school for 2 years in my teen years. I haven’t thought about it yet since I am so overloaded with musical work right now. Acting is something that I haven’t pursued or thought about but never say never I guess.

In Bollywood, who do you idolize and want to work with in Bollywood from playback singers and music directors?
I would love to work with Pritam and A R Rahman. These are my big inspirations from the cinema.

What about having an opportunity in English music, whom would you love to work with?
There are so many, I currently am working with somebody. I can’t give an answer on it but I am working with someone that I like a lot.

On 4th October you will be performing at the Pratham UK Annual event, what inspires you to be a brand ambassador for them in particular?
I have been following Pratham events for many years now, seen the kind of work they been doing and the cause of this is such close to my heart. I wanted to do anything that I could give back to the children and to anyone’s life, especially a child’s education which is close to my heart to work towards. This is why I took the chance of being the ambassador, if tomorrow I am no longer an ambassador then I will still continue to do whatever I can to the best that I can for them in anyway. There are so many children who are suffering so much, I feel that people need to wake up and start giving something back to change one child’s life, it is a must so that is what I am trying to do. Because of me if someone’s life can change in a good positive way then I would try to do my best for it.

Would you consider doing a collaboration with Arif Lohar for the Jugni Ji track?
Well I don’t know, maybe if I meet him then I will tell him. Right now I am working with another mainstream Pakistani artist a legend which you will get to hear really soon. I must think about this actually, something I never thought about working with Arif Lohar.

Lastly, for young females who want to become singers in Bollywood but face restrictions from their parents, what advice would you give?
The most important thing is that every parent should make sure their child a girl or a boy is independent as much as they can be. They should be able to do what they are good at and love doing. So if your daughter wants to do music then you should support.
Honestly I have been in the industry for a while and I truly haven’t seen anything that is disrespectful, bad or dirty as everybody has this portrayal of Bollywood being dirty because it really is not. It is very professional, just depends on you and how you want to be. If you are a good artist then anyone will work with you. If you are true to your ability, a good singer or a performer, producer etc. if you are good at your work then you will get an opportunity.

Of course it is very hard but I got there because I put out my own work to everyone. I didn’t go up to somebody and ask for work, I took my work to the world. That is the better way of doing it, first you show it to all. I don’t know why parents have this thought in their minds about Bollywood being bad. All the people I have worked with have been respectful and professional at least to me.

Is this from experience with your work in particular?
For me Jugni Ji was a free download, I did not go through a big company and begged them to sign me. I started on my own very small and see and if you are true to yourself then it comes to you.  The world is changing and that is how it has happened for me.

Ok Kanika, Thank you for taking time out to speak to us in the middle of your Slam+ world tour & we wish you all the best for the future & look forward to seeing you in London & again on your solo tour.

No, THANK YOU for the interview & ringing me in the USA from the UK.

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