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Cameron, whose credits include "The Terminator", "Aliens", "Terminator 2", "True Lies" and "Titanic", winner of eleven Academy Awards® and the most successful movie of all time, recently completed "AVATAR", which Twentieth Century Fox released on December 18.
Born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, Cameron grew up near Niagara Falls. In 1971, he moved to Brea, California where he studied physics at Fullerton College while working as a machinist and, later, a truck driver. Cameron quit his trucking job in 1978 and raised money from local dentists to produce a 35mm short film.

The visual effects in this film led to work on Roger Corman’s "Battle Beyond the Stars" (1980), on which he served as production designer, matte artist and visual effects DP. The next year he became second unit director on Corman’s subsequent sci-fi thriller, "Galaxy of Terror".

In 1983 Cameron wrote three scripts: "Rambo:First Blood part 2, "Aliens", and "The Terminator". He directed "The Terminator", starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, in 1984. It became an unexpected box office hit and made Time Magazine’s “Ten Best of the Year” List.

Cameron subsequently directed "Aliens" (1986), then wrote and directed "The Abyss" (1989). Following that he wrote, produced and directed "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" (1991), "True Lies" (1994), and "Titanic" (1997). He also co-wrote and produced "Point Break" (1991) and "Strange Days" (1994), as well as producing "Solaris" (2003).

His films have blazed new trails in visual effects and set numerous performance records, both domestically and abroad. "Titanic" currently holds both the domestic and worldwide box office records having grossed over $1.8 billion at the global box-office. Cameron’s films have also earned numerous nominations and awards from a variety of organizations, culminating in "Titanic"'s 14 Academy Award nominations (a record) and 11 Oscars (the most any movie has received), including Cameron’s three Oscars for Best Picture, Best Direction and Best Editing.

In 1999, Cameron co-created the one-hour television series DARK ANGEL. The show ran for two seasons on the Fox Network and gained a loyal following and a number of prestigious nominations and awards, including the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for ‘Best New Television Drama’. It also launched a new star: Jessica Alba.

Among the guest speakers at the Hollywood ceremony were Sigourney Weaver, which he directed in "Aliens" and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger which he directed in the Terminator films.Also present were the castmembers from "Avatar" including Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez to name a few.

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