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Jab Tak Hai Jaan – film review

Jab Tak Hai Jaan directed by Yash Chopra, starring Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. After a long absence away from filmmaking, Jab Tak Hai Jaan became the very much anticipated film to release. Yash Chopra sadly passed away as the film was nearing its release. But Yash Chopra left his trademark imprint in this film for what he has been known for which is the romance in Bollywood.
Samar Anand (Shahrukh Khan) is trapped in a triangle. Having to console himself between Meera (Katrina Kaif) and Akira (Anushka Sharma) both of which he meets one after the other. Samar is a struggling immigrant in London who meets Meera. Meera falls for his charm and wants him to help her. He begins to fall in love with her and shows her the meaning of life by doing the things she hasn't done. She begins to fall in love eventually. But Samar's carelessness over life causes him to have a road accident. Meera prays to god to save his life and vows she'll never meet him in return. This is exactly what happens, therefore she breaks all relations and Samar moves back to India to join the army. 
Nursing a broken heart, Samar has to deal with a young aspiring journalist who is eager to cover his life story. Akira has her good days and bad days when working around Samar. She falls in Love with him. Samar doesn't feel the same way. Akira wraps her documentary project and heads back to London. Samar is invited to London even though he promised to never return back. Once again due to the carelessness of love, Samar gets hit by a vehicle which causes head injuries. This triggers his memory 10 years back and only remember Meera. So Meera has to help him with his memory and they get together in the end even though Samar's real memory comes back. Akira gets her Discovery Channel job contract.  
The film has its flaws at times. The first half of the film was packed with song sequences one after the other so it does slow down the continuation of the film's flow. Also the climax seemed rushed which left a disappointing end to a film that delivers. Yash Chopra has maintained the love chemistry and manipulated it by making it bolder through including kissing scenes and having conversations about sex. 
Shahrukh Khan plays the romantic character who keeps you attached the film. He will make you laugh with his presence as well as still having the ability to make you appreciate the love genre. Katrina Kaif was at some points during the film, not convincing enough. She impressed with her dialogue deliveries but at times, such as the crying scene, it felt forced rather than emotionally realistic according to the on screen action. Anushka Sharma is an enthusiastic character who inputs a new feel in to the film. When she is not on screen, she is the type of person the audience misses. 
Jab Tak Hai Jaan screenplay progressed well if the whole song interruptions are excluded. The songs were not spaced out long enough, just when the action starts to impress and build, another song sequence kicked in. The good use of interlinking the scenes with flashbacks and back to the reality was crafted well enough. Not once did it seem unnecessary as there was always a consistent continuation.  
Overall, Jab Tak Hai Jaan should be rated at 4/5. An emotionally heartwarming film which could have had the potential to take full marks, but it simply failed in some sections. Due to the passing away of Yash Chopra, the film could have just been overly exaggerated. It still is enough to say that this is a must watch movie and a film that can be watched over again.