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Introducing BAMBI, the leading lady of TeamPBN

Celebrating his 10th year in music PBN gears up to launch the final member of TeamPBN …… introducing BAMBI.

PBN started 2013 with the smash hit ‘Go Crazy’ that held the top spot for a massive 5 weeks. Shortly after the ‘Hit-maker’ launched the first member of TeamPBN, Raj Bains with the spectacular single ‘Superstar’ that led onto the new young talent to be nominated for ‘Best Newcomer’ at the 2013 Brit Asia Music Awards.

Bambi Bains

Introducing BAMBI BAINS, the leading lady of TeamPBN


Bambi, the new hot Brit-Asian talent promises to bring excitement, style and glamour to the Asian music scene.  The versatile vocalist, dancer and performer has been studying in this field since the age of 10. Under the guidance of PBN the young starlet is now set to release her debut single.


PBN said “I’m extremely delighted to launch my new signing, Bambi.  I’ve been working in and out the studio with her for the past 12 months, preparing and mentoring her to the lead up of her debut single, Zaalma.  There is a great buzz around her and TeamPBN right now and I am really glad to be part of bringing a much-needed female presence to the industry”.

Zaalma, the debut single from Bambi is set to release on the 21st November on Playback Records.