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Interview with the Multi-talented Celebrity Manager Aleem Zafar

By Josephine Singh & Jasmeet Panesar


Actor & Model Aleem Zafar.
The multi talented Celebrity manager to
Asim Azhar & Ali Zafar and Public Figure.


Aleem Zafar


You work for Asim Azhar, Billy X, Humaima Malick… and not to mention Ali Zafar! How does it feel to be working with such big artists like Ali Zafar and Humaima Malick?

ALEEM: Yes I work for them. Around 7/8 years back when I used to listen to songs I used to be like man how great or cool it might feel to know a singer personally and all that stuff. So that made me do all this and here I am today! Haha who wouldn’t love working with one of the leading names in the Entertainment industry? It’s a pleasure working with them



How did you get the chance to meet and work with Ali? Do you remember that day and what happened? Were you starstruck?


ALEEM: Not starstruck.  Life has no shortcuts. You have to go step by step. I was already working with a lot of artists before, later on when I felt I can go one more step further and take things to the next level that was the time when Ali came in my mind and that’s when it all started



What are the qualifications required to work with artists such as Ali Zafar and Humaima Malick?


ALEEM: Qualifications? Haha. Showbiz is not like going for a job interview & you have to have an MBA Degree or something. Its open for everyone who wants to join with or without the degree as long as you know how to work.



Does it affect your personal and social life whilst managing them?


ALEEM: Yes it does. You get to interact with hundreds and thousands of people & someway the other some people try to get into your personal life



What was your first day like when you came about to managing Ali? What does a day in the life of Aleem Zafar look like when managing these talents?

ALEEM: First day was pretty good. I was welcomed very nicely by the fans especially on twitter it was really fun interacting with so many fans at once for the first time ever more like being center of the attention haha. A day managing these artists hmm. It pretty much depends on the work or the task haha, sometimes you’ve got a lot of tasks so the day goes very busy sometimes there are not too much tasks. Moreover talking to fans everyday is a must


Apart from you who else is a part of the rocking team Ali?

ALEEM: Well Ammara is the one who handles all of Ali’s interviews and media related queries. PR then comes Sarfraz who is Ali’s Business manager, and i handle all fans related queries


Aleem Zafar

(Photo Cred’s: AHC Photography)

Working with artists in showbiz… is finding opportunities easier? Or is there still a struggle to get your name out there and be noticed among all the people chasing the same dream?

ALEEM: Well nothing is easy, you gotta work really hard to make your name in the showbiz, especially these days when everyone is trying their best to make their own name in their specific field related to showbiz… so there’s a lot of competition, struggle and hard work does pay off



Do people recognize you when you go out? Have you had any weird fan incidents of your own and the artists you work with?


ALEEM: Well yes at times people do recognize me and then message me asking if I was at that place… and whenever this happens I go like ‘You saw me? Really? Nah might be someone else!’ Haha fans are really loving. There was this one fan who used to message me every minute and kept telling me and Ali indirectly on how we should do things



Few people you would like to thank for the place you are at right now?


ALEEM: My parents, Ali Zafar, Dyana, Huzaifa Qureshi, Hamza Rehman, Ahmed Hassan, Saad Khan, Hina and you Josephine. These people make me who I am



We’ve heard you’re doing a movie?


ALEEM: Stay tuned for the promo!

Thank you so much for taking out the time to interview with me, Jasmeet and Punjab2000 Aleem!

ALEEM: Thank you for interviewing me Josephine and Jassi