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Glamorous Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day by Celebrity Hair Maestro Asgar Saboo

Iconic Oscars Hairstyles by Celebrity Hairstylist Asgar Saboo


From luscious curls and half-up dos to faux bobs, the Oscars’ night has seen it all. Celebrity Hair Stylist to the stars and Style Director at the Daniel Galvin salon, Asgar Saboo is an expert when it comes to creating award-worthy hair. This year he has gathered some of the most iconic red carpet hairstyles of all time.

Asgar Saboo


French Braid


Divide the hair in half and create a French loose braid with one half, towards the side. After securing it with an elastic band twist the leftover hair at the top of the head towards the braid, making sure it’s secured with bobby pins. Use good quality shine spray to give a glossy finish.




Side-swept Wave


The key to getting this look right is to prepare the hair whilst it’s still wet. It is essential to use good quality volumising products and hair oil. A simple styling mousse or oil treatment should do the trick. Using a large round brush blow dry your hair. This will give it the necessary movement yet will ensure that the hair frame is in place. Depending on what size curls you want to achieve, use small or medium curling tongs. Start from the ear downwards and from the front of the head on both sides. Depending on your hair length, work with four sections by curling one section of the hair clockwise and one anti-clockwise. Pin each curled section as you go along. Remove the pins and delicately pull all the sections together. Do this very gently just by using your fingers. To achieve the side sweep use a large paddle brush and firmly brush from the crown up and over left to right, avoiding the waves from the ear down by bringing them around the back of the neck and over gently by hand. For the necessary hold, use a medium strength hairspray. For the most secure style, allow the hair to settle for at least half an hour.



Glossy Ponytail


A celebrity favourite which oozes Hollywood glamour and sophistication. The key to creating this look is to use a good quality hair serum before blow-drying. The hair has to be extremely sleek and smooth yet it must have the necessary body and movement. Apply a small amount of the serum through the roots and ends then blow dry large sections and pin in place. After blow-drying remove the pins and use your hand to gently brush the curls out, then simply brush the hair into a ponytail. This look is high-shine, so don’t forget generous lashings of high gloss hairspray to keep the movement.



Mermaid Waves


Separate your hair into small manageable sections – before styling make sure to apply some volumising spray. This will help to give your tresses some extra volume. Start winding each hair section around the curling iron. Hold each section of hair until it heats up, then release it, before twisting and pinning the curls up on itself – this will help to set the curl. Remove all the pins, release your waves and add a touch of finishing spray. It will help to keep your locks in place yet will still give them plenty of movement. Brush through your waves and add a touch of glossing spray to give it an irresistible glow. To complete this natural look just run some styling wax through the ends of your curls.