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#IamPunjab DAY 5


#‎iamPunjab‬ DAY 5

Charan Kaur

#IamPunjab Charan Kaur

#IamPunjab Charan Kaur

‪#‎iamPunjab‬ DAY 5

Charan Kaur

Charan Kaur’s son “disappeared” in 1990, she recalls how he left the house one day to visit a friend in the city (Gurdaspur) but he never returned. Despite ongoing attempts to find out what happened to her son at the hands of local authorities, Charan Kaur still doesn’t know to this day. Like so many other mothers who suffered during these devastating times in Punjab, the body of her son wasn’t returned to the family.

She recounts how local authorities continuously threatened her after hearing of her son’s death. Charan Kaur explained how they would often try to intimidate her by pointing a rifle in her face, she remained strong and resolute when confronted, “I said, go on then, you have already killed my son, you may as well kill me too”.

According to Charan Kaur police harassment lasted many months after her son’s death. She recounts “the police beat me, looted my house and took my possessions on many occasions.” Sadly Charan Kaur had to deal with such terrible circumstances on her own whilst also raising four children. Despite such an adverse environment she has remained in high spirits, bearing no hate or resentment against the perpetrators, an act not many could stomach.

She is a beacon of light amongst the women of Punjab who endured similar injustice after 1984.

What Is #iamPunjab

As the world commemorates International Women’s Day, Khalsa Aid is dedicating the next week to highlight the plight of Punjab’s forgotten mothers and widows. They suffered physical and emotional hardship but these spirited women remained defiant in the face of adversity. Over the coming days we will showcase the story of those courageous women who lost members of their families.

The stories highlight their pain, sorrow and continued hardship but also their iron-like resolve to righteousness and honour. For centuries, the women of Punjab have been the backbone of the region. #iamPunjab is a commemoration of their strength and resolve.

Khalsa Aid continues to remember and support these women in their time of need. Will you?