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#IamPunjab DAY 4


#‎IamPunjab‬ Day 4

Gurbachan Kaur

Khalsa Aid

Gurbachan Kaur #iamPunjab Day4

Gurbachan Kaur

Gurbachan Kaur’s son was 26 years old when he went missing in 1987. She recalls how she travelled from village to village in search of her son, but never found him. After learning that he was unlawfully killed in a “fake police encounter”, she filed many requests with the local police to retrieve his body but to no avail. 28 years later she is still saddened that she hadn’t been able to carry out the last religious rites on her son.

Gurbachan Kaur suffered much pain following the death of her son. The anguish of losing her son in such a way had an adverse effect on her body. “During his disappearance the police would harass me and my family…. My eyes are damaged from the continued hardship, tears and suffering.”

In spite of suffering such adversity, Gurbachan Kaur remained spirited for the sake of her daughters. Every single day was a struggle, but she drew inspiration from her daughters to continue living her life. Her daughters are now happily married and are raising familes of their own.

Although her eyesight is impaired and the effects of her ordeal are visible, she speaks with resolute voice. She wants the world to know what her family have suffered. She is here today to share her story.


What is ‪#‎IamPunjab‬

As the world commemorates International Women’s Day, Khalsa Aid is dedicating the next week to highlight the plight of Punjab’s forgotten mothers and widows. They suffered physical and emotional hardship but these spirited women remained defiant in the face of adversity. Over the coming days we will showcase the story of those courageous women who lost their entire families as security forces resorted to unlawful and indiscriminate arrests, torture and extrajudicial executions.

The stories highlight their pain, sorrow and continued hardship but also their iron-like resolve to righteousness and honour. For centuries, the women of Punjab have been the backbone of the region. #iamPunjab is a commemoration of their strength and resolve.

Khalsa Aid continues to remember and support these women in their time of need. Will you?