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Johnny Cool

I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky!

not a welcome disease 

I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky lucky!
Well the truth of the matter is she is Lucky, no this isnt some girl from my local chinese takeway (Lo Minge)  called Lucky, but this is refering to that sexy lass from Australia who is fleecing the British public out of millions called Kylie Minogue.
Yes shes loved by all, shes on ITV with her show, we all know shes a bad presenter, but because its Kylie who has that tight fit Butt it hypnotises us into thinking she is  a great presenter. But im getting bored of it, basically there is too much of Kylie everywhere, its a bit like the Rubiks cube its great at first but then you want to flush it down the loo and never see one again
You try and hide away from her, shes there stalking you on CDs, calendars, bibs saying 'buy me, buy me, buy me!' Her perfume, ive smelt it, definetly like her -the bottle looks good but when you open it up its just the same old spiceless fruitless scent! But whose Lucky? She is cos its filling her piggy bank up. Her lingerie, yes it looks good but how many 40 years old look good in her stuff and yet they could buy the same clothing from Matalan or Primark for a fraction of the price.
You settle down to watch Dr Who -what?! Thank god she died. And then later with Jools Holland (i watched it on sky plus- honest) trying to reinvent herself with 'i should be so lucky' as a slow meaningful song, what a pile of Sheeps turd! Kylie do us a favour and yourself a favour  as youve milked the British public out of enough pounds, go in hiding and count your money and to those television companies – give us some real fresh talent – Ps im available for all acting roles. Think i might have buggered up my chance of a date with Kylie, will get one with her sister.
Laters baby JCx   
Johnny Cool