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Asian Network Closure is

I dont feel pressure to compete Salman Khan tells BBC Asian Network

“I don't compete with anybody. I don't compete with Shah Rukh I don't
compete with Aamir, Saif or anybody. I don't compete with myself.

So, they don't have a problem with me and they know that my house is an  open house…”

Salman Khan

“I like the people that I work with, if I don't like them, I won't work with them…”

Presenters Raj&Pablo asked Salman why he is so cagey about the work he does for Charities, to which Salman replied,  

“I think it's a big fraud thing to publicise the stuff that you do cos I've seen people going and doing stuff and the whole press is there”.

“That's what I used to think actually, earlier. But today I feel that since I've opened this charitable trust, [The Salman Khan Foundation]. 
I have realised that you have to go out and you have to publicise that and I'm still not coming to terms with that because I feel like a fraud.  
I've seen a lot people who are doing a lot of good things with the all
the wrong intentions and I don't think that works but if I can turn that around…”

“…the way I'm trying to do that is that I'm putting a lot of my own money into the foundation which people do not do”.


“I've started painting and from my art the money goes into my organisation and if I cannot support those many, if I cannot help those many lives with my kind of work that I do with whatever I do that amount 10-20 percent that goes into my charitable organisation I still can't support that many people I still can't treat that many people I will start begging, I will start extorting!”

Salman Khan & Priyanka Chopra



You can download highlights of Salman’s interview on Love Bollywood show at