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Deputy Mayor Ranjit Singh

History made in France with a Turbaned Sikh Deputy Mayor

Major  achievement for French Sikhs that where the turban is banned in schools and colleges, a young Sikh wearing a turban is elected as Deputy Mayor. 

Deputy Mayor Ranjit Singh2
For the first time in the history of France, a deputy mayor has been elected in the election of a turbaned Sikh municipality. Ranjit Singh Goraya, a young man who won the election from Bobini town, belongs to Sekha village in Gurdaspur district of Punjab.

The UNITED SIKHS legal team fought a legal battle for Ranjit Singh and 2 other French Sikh boys, Jasvir Singh and Bikramjit Singh, who were expelled from their school in 2004 following the ban on the turban in French schools. Our legal team later won the case that was filed on behalf of Bikramjit Singh before the UN Human Rights Committee in 2012. You may read a press release about the case at the UN at the link below


All three Sikh youths are now doing well in their careers after taking a stand for the turban.

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