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HEROINE Movie Review

HEROINE Movie Review

Heroine created a real buzz amongst the audiences, who are all eager to witness such production. The anticipation was always visible from day one. But the promos all dictated that this film would be a similar, if not the same, concept such as Fashion and The Dirty Picture.

That is exactly what transpires from such film, especially since Madhur Bhandarkar directed Fashion earlier, this comes to no surprise that a comparable approach was being conveyed from a female characters perspective. Despite that being in the minds, to expect a film like Fashion, Heroine does impress in it’s own features.

The script was constructed well. Scenes would impress and build up tension, which is something that needs to be associated with such genres of Drama. The only negativity towards the script would come towards the final curtain call of the film. Throughout, the whole film was tense and constantly building a significant thought in the mind of the viewers. The ending needed to be dramatic enough to be the last word; unfortunately it was not to be. The end scene showing Mahi moving on in life away from stardom occurred instantly and was over within couple of seconds. This has to be the only negative comment regarding the script and story concept.

Acting was really good, not just from Kareena Kapoor who stole the headlines, but from those who were involved even for supporting roles. Kareena Kapoor could quiet possibly have given the best performance of her career, she nailed every scene that required various different emotions due to the scenario’s that her character has to deal with. She mesmerized on screen and without thinking twice, she is bound to receive acknowledgement and award for such dominating appearance. Her acting tops the list of the female actresses who have been working in film such as Fashion, The Dirty picture. Kareena Kapoor’s role will not be forgotten in an instant.

Although Kareena Kapoor took over majority of the frame space, Arjun Rampal had an average impact on screen. Only on several occasions he dominated, but most of his appearance was left in the shadows of Kareena Kapoor, which was meant to happen as the film is based upon her. But whenever Arjun Rampal had his on screen moments, he carried them out well.

Another actor who showed an outstanding performance is Randeep Hooda. Having a supporting role only meant that he will not have much of screen space. Despite those limitations, Randeep is the one character that leaves an impact. The one character away from Kareena and Arjun, that leaves the audience wanting more. His notable appearance in his charming role makes him a character that you would hope, could have stayed in the film throughout.

                HEROINE Movie Review

The music composed by the duo Salim-Sulaiman, the soundtrack features 5 tracks. An impressive collection of songs, very little but perfect songs such by artist such as Sunidhi Chauhan, Benny Dayal, Shradha Pandit, Shreya Ghoshal, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Aditi Singh Sharma. The stand out song from the film has to be the title track, ‘Main Heroine Hoon’

Overall Heroine is an average film, it gives you an insight in the real world of Bollywood film industry about how things work and how things don’t. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride with stardom, jealously, greed and desire as well as struggle, pain, breakdown and end to a career.

Heroine is worth a watch at least once, Kareena Kapoor and several of the support stars as well as a bulk chunk of the script saves Heroine from being just another imitation of films that tend to rely heavily on the stars more than the film.

Heroine film rating is 3/5

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