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Happy the Hathi’ by Rubeena Kaur Mehat

‘Happy the Hathi’ by Rubeena Kaur Mehat

New Punjabi baby board book series, ‘Happy the Hathi’ by Rubeena Kaur Mehat

Happy the Hathi
Happy the Hathi learns Baby’s First Words in Punjabi is the first in the series of the Happy the Hathi collection, supporting young children’s learning of Punjabi. The main character of the series, Happy, is a curious, Indian baby elephant who is learning Punjabi. Young readers are taken on Happy’s journey as he learns to speak simple Punjabi words. The book uses illustrations to denote the words and the English alphabet aid’s the child’s pronunciation. The book is a great way to encourage young children to learn to speak Punjabi.

The book is written and self-published by qualified solicitor and first time author, Rubeena Kaur Mehat. The idea first came to her whilst searching for a gift for her friend’s baby daughter. Rubeena scoured the web for a book that would enable a child to learn Punjabi using the English alphabet. Unable to find what she was looking for, Rubeena decided to take on the task of creating this book herself. A spark of creativity and a love for her Punjabi roots led to Happy the Hathi being born, and within seven weeks the book went on sale.

Rubeena Kaur Mehat

Rubeena’s research showed that there are many young parents who do not continue to speak Punjabi regularly. Thus, children are not as engaged to learn Punjabi and struggle with learning the language. The book makes it easier for any parent or guardian who can read English, to teach the basic words covered in the book and introduce children to Punjabi in a fun and engaging medium.

Happy the Hathi learns Baby’s First Words has been well received amongst the Punjabi community, selling quickly in the UK and since its release on 21 June 2020 ( Rubeena’s fathers birthday and Father’s day) sales have gone global, as far as Australia, America and Canada. This is a huge accomplishment for Rubeena Kaur Mehat. She hopes to continue to reach families across the world with her books to support learning of the language, and for Happy the Hathi to bring joy to families.

Happy the Hathi

Happy the Hathi learns Baby’s First Words is available for purchase now. Shipping is worldwide. Buy the book here: www.happythehathi.com

use code PUNJAB2000 for 10% off (code expires 13 September 2020).

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Written by Navjyot Kaur Sabbharwal