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Gurdas Maan

Gurdas Maan – Akhiyan Udeek Diya UK Tour 2023

Gurdas Maan

The Grand finale of the Gurdas Maan Akhiyan Udeek Diya tour arrives in London this bank holiday weekend, brought to you by UK Box Office.

The six sold out shows have mesmerised audiences all over the country.

The tour started in Newcastle , Mr Maan wowing crowds with his 12 man band, singing songs which had majority of the audience on their feet.

Bradford were left stunned with the vibrant songs Gurdas Maan delivered from Maava Thadiyan Shava to Apna Punjab Hove

Gravesend welcomed Mr Maan where the tickets were sold out within 24 hrs of going on sale, the crowd was not left disappointed. The audience were left in aww , the Living Legend having them in a trance.

The packed auditorium at the Utilita Arena Birmingham witnessed three Baba dancing alongside Maan Saab on stage. Thousands in the venue on their feet dancing and singing to the hits of the maestro himself.

The next day Southampton had the pleasure to host Mr Gurdas Maan , the stage was shared with a young boy whose parents were privileged to witness him dancing with the king of Punjab, again the crowd witnessed the high energy performance by Mr Maan.

A short flight to the capital of Ireland,Dublin saw Mr Maan’s majestic dance moves, his vocals echoing throughout the national boxing stadium. The audience didn’t want Gurdas Maan ji to leave the stage, wanting the magical music to continue.

Now it’s time for London to enjoy the show of all shows. It’s time for you to witness an artist of the calibre of Mr Maan singing, dancing, making you smile, making you cry. We promise it will be a night to remember and a story for you to tell others.

Please book your tickets through the OVO Arena Wembley or through the UK Box office website. http:/